Yongkin Criticizes Virginia’s Wind & Solar Plan; Calls to advance nuclear energy

RICHMOND – Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin on Monday rejected Virginia’s plan to become carbon-neutral by 2050 as his administration released a report calling for continued reliance on natural gas and “moon shot” efforts to ramp up nuclear power. “Virginia must grow,” Youngkin (right) said Monday at his unveiling. 2022 Energy Plan At a company in … Read more

How do you work with a search company? BioBuzz

BioBuzz by Workforce Genetics Get the most value out of your hiring partnership Workforce Genetics is the sister to the Executive and Scientific Research Division of BioBuzz Media that provides unparalleled recruitment services to project-backed and growing biotech companies.. biotechnology industry talent market It was fickle, to say the least. As a hiring manager, you’ve … Read more

Mapping disease risks in human and wildlife ‘hotspots’

Rhesus macaques in Shimla, northern India. Credit: Dr. Krishna Balsubramaniam New research has identified how infectious diseases spread among wildlife populations in areas where humans and wildlife live in close proximity. The study identified animals, specifically wild monkeys that live in large groups alongside human settlements, which may act as a “superspreader”. He found that … Read more

Treasury Report Finds Cryptocurrency Could Undermine US Financial Stability

A report released Monday by the Treasury Department found that the prices of government-backed cryptocurrencies are mostly determined by market speculation and do not have much of an economic reality to back them up. As such, the report warned that they could threaten the stability of the US financial system if they became too intertwined … Read more

Rippl Care CEO: ‘Our system is not ready’ to provide mental health care for the elderly

According to Chris Engskov, the US health care system is not prepared to take care of a growing elderly population and the mental health challenges that come with that. That’s why he started Rippl Care. As CEO and co-founder, Engskov leads a startup that seeks to combine highly specialized care, technology, and home services to … Read more

Eating habits crucial to stronger muscles

From competitive weightlifters and other professional athletes to those who simply enjoy hitting the dumbbells in the gym, developing stronger muscles and increasing muscle mass is a healthy goal that many can relate to. No matter where you may start on your muscle-building journey, it’s important to stick to your routine, which means staying committed … Read more

The good, the bad, and the ugly

With Fitbit launching their new generation of fitness trackers and smartwatches this month, I’ve spent a lot of time testing and putting together a review of the very bright colors now. inspiration 3 Track your stress feeling 2. Now, finally, it’s time to discuss what’s new Fitbit Versa 4. Fitbit Versa 4 Video Review Fitbit … Read more