Senators demand stronger rules on off-book commenting

Two Democratic senators urged the Department of Education Wednesday to strengthen regulations against quietly excluding children from class over disability-related behaviors. – A practice known as informal removal. Since the pandemic began, parents of children with disabilities say the practice has been on the rise, depriving their children of the legal right to an education. … Read more

Let’s Kill Blobby Book Cover

The Vanishing Half of Brett Bennett Riverhead A decade ago, when my publisher or Box emailed me to say they had finished covering the cover of my first novel, EvellandThey asked me to prepare for something different. We’ve been going back and forth on a few concepts, including one design with a large respiratory mask … Read more

Is time travel real? These celebrity photos, the paintings suggest that

Many of us wish we’d be famous in another life – but perhaps that is indeed the case for a rare few. The Internet has become wild with the improbable thought that the A-list celebrities of our time were actually alive years – or centuries – ago, as old photos of their lookalike ancestors surfaced. … Read more

Sheriff O’Neill says father, Shaq, is now on board after butting his heads over NBA draft decision

Las Vegas – Once he told reporters that he and his father are a basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal“bumps” over his decision to drop out of college and enter the NBA draft, Sheriff O’Neill said he knew he made a mistake. Young O’Neal, who had just signed an NBA summer league contract with the Los Angeles … Read more

NCAA Board Approves NIT Women’s Basketball Tournament, Votes To Revive NCAA-run Enlistment Academies

On Wednesday, the NCAA Division I Board approved the reinstatement of the NCAA-certified summer basketball academies and event recruiting for high school boys. In addition, the establishment of a high school girls’ basketball academy event was also approved for the first time. The board also passed a proposal for a girls’ college basketball tournament for … Read more

DISCUSSION PAPER: Is Ralph Hessenhuttl’s time at Southampton coming to an end? | Transportation Center News

All the news and rumors from Thursday’s newspapers… Daily Telegraph Ralph Hessenhuttl’s time approaches in Southampton as the club ponders the timing of the Austrian coach’s departure. Everton will have to pay just £4.5m to sign England international Conor Cody from Wolverhampton next summer. Steve Cooper is set to remain as Nottingham Forest’s head coach, … Read more

How far do Leaf golfers fall in the rankings? Take a look | Golf news and tour information

If there was a bit of desperation in LIV Golf’s recent attempt to find a way for its events to deliver golf’s official world ranking points –Partnership with the Middle East and North Africa Development Round, which has not held any event for more than two years– That might be understandable. Among the remaining obstacles … Read more