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The catcher is always an interesting imaginary position. In 1-catcher formats, you’ll have a large portion of the league simply taking what the drafts give you, even if they’re the last of them to choose support. Although they know teams with the C button will have an advantage, they’re willing to back off because they’re okay with “stumbling” with the bottom end and livestreaming. In 2-catcher formats, there is a range of strategies ranging from double-buttons on the high end to double-throwing at the low end and everything in between.

It seems that the situation has recently been going through a youthful movement that may lead to an uncharacteristic depth. It’s only natural to see hunters rush in later as hitters because their first priority on arrival is managing the staff and, to a lesser extent, running game. This year has seen a sharp rise in young players playing and playing well. The 10 25-year-olds with a 200+ PA total doubled last year and was the first double-digit total since 2012. Half of these Hunters managed 100 or better OPS+ as well. There were 4 of this type in 2021 as well. 9 catches hitting this mark in 2021-22 are more than the 8 we saw in 2015-19 (including 0 in 2018).

Is the catcher a booming market? How did we get here and who will stand out for 2023?

Project 2022 review

Hunting market 2022 had a Top 4… well, a Top 3 with a little brother they brought with them. Four catchers have medium draft positions (ADP) in the top 100 with Salvador Perez (choice 41 ADP), JT Realmoto (54) and will Smith (67) lived in a relatively narrow ADP range, and none of the three delayed pick-85 in a major NFBC event (47 drafts per sample). cocky dalton farshaw (88) He wasn’t completely trusted in the market, but his supporters were strong enough to get him an ADP inside the top 100.

Chicago hunters – Yasmani Grandal (116) and Wilson Contreras (120) – It was there for those who wanted a stable, high-quality catcher, but weren’t willing to pay full price for one. They both had minimum picks inside the top 100 (85 for Grandal, 96 for Contreras) but fell back until the 10th round with maximum picks at 154 and 153, respectively. Three more rounds will pass before the next group of Hunters go Mitch Garver (163), Tyler Stevenson (168) and Kibert Ruiz (174) is the last three with ADP inside the top 200.

Alejandro Kirk She was on an island with 201 ADP, 27 picks after Ruiz and 30 picks Christian Vasquez (231), as he approaches the top ten, eight more players will go in the next five rounds on average, starting with the top potential baseball player, whose ADP would have had more than 150 picks if he was guaranteed a place On opening day to veterans whose playing time was safer than their striking talent: Vasquez – 231, Elias Diaz – 238, Sean Murphy – 257, Travis Darno – 268, Gary Sanchez – 273, Omar Narvaez – 277, Madeleine Rochman – 284 and Mike Zunino – 297.

The main event is a 15-team, 2-person setup, so at least 30 teams are needed at any given moment. After selecting 300, seven more Hunters will be drafted into all 47 MEs, for a total of 26 people taken in each main event: Carson Kelly – 303, Max Stasi – 315, Joy Bart – 317, Danny Janssen – 327, Molina runs – 339, Austin Nola 357 and James McCann – 358. Moreover, only three others entered at least 40 MEs: Eric Haas He went (353) at 46, Jorge Alfaro (381) went at 45, and Jacob Stallings (406) went at 43. Kyle Higashioka (389) he went in at 39 and had an amazing selection 236 minutes, fewer than the eight men that went in front of him (ranging from Stassi to Alvaro).

It was the only real selection marked out of the remaining selected catchers MG Melendez (418). The royals had discussed moving the beautiful swing prospect to another position in order for him and Perez to play, but even with that knowledge it was clear he would spend at least a few weeks in Triple-A to start the season, so it was still tough to draft in coordination with seven reserve positions. Only and without specific IL/minor league points.

2022 season review

The market almost allowed out the top four as they all finished in the top five According to the auction calculator With Perez falling just 30 cents behind Kirk in dollar terms. I normally only round up the value so it ties in at $16, but the extra subtlety felt worthwhile here because Kirk ($15.80) pushed Perez ($15.50) off the top 4. Notably, Realmuto ($30), Farshaw ($24) ($) and Smith ($21) snapped over Kirk and Perez while Wi.Contreras, Murphy, and d’Arnaud truly There with these two at $15 each.

Possible couple complete the top 10 in William Contreras ($13) and Roachman ($12). Wm.Contreras is the biggest surprise here because he was never recruited despite scoring 8 hours in 185 PA during the 2021 season because it was hard to know how he would get any playing time. manny peña He was seen as a solid support for Darno but he picked up a wrist injury in early May that required end-of-season surgery.

Two more of the next 10 possibilities started with Cal Rally ($11) pops up to top the home run racers (27) and the aforementioned Melendez ($10) gets the call on May 3 after back up Cam Gallagher He was sidelined due to a torn hamstring. Literally the day Gallagher came back, Perez fell out with a thumb injury that required surgery and cost him a month. Melendez proved to have cemented his standing even when the three were in good health which resulted in Gallagher being traded on the deadline.

The two present some ranking challenge for 2023 as Rally lowers the Zunino-esque character. Rally hit a palatable rate of 29% K, but it was 35% last year which is exactly Zunino’s career mark. He’s had flashes of success in contact with minors including a really steep 13% rate at 199 PA at Triple-A in 2021, but the sell-for-power approach seems purposeful and with that comes the strikes. He can crush 30 hours even with a high K%, but he becomes someone you should plan to take on like 400+ PA of AVG’s sub .200 stings.

The second half of the brutal short-circuited Jonah Heimpenetration. He took a .263/.327/.459 streak with a 12-hour August and watched it evaporate to .227/.298/.399 thanks to his .157/.244/.286 streak on his .156 PA finish. I’m not sure what happened to him and it may be that he suffered impossibly bad luck on the .167 BABIP tune. His plank skills have already improved (18% kelvin, 10% pep) and no changes to batted ball profiles would be worth such a drop. I couldn’t find any injury that might have lasted through the summer either. It should maintain its price at least for 2023 and I’m interested in repurchasing.

Haase was a miss to me. I was very concerned about his board skills and the fact that his breakout in 2021 was probably just two hot months from a 28-year-old reserve catcher. I also didn’t see much time for him on the field and with the arrival of Tucker BarnhartSeems like a hunter once a week. While I didn’t know it wasn’t something else two months back then, my confirmation bias wasn’t surprised by his .167/.231/.264 streak in only 78 PA heading into June. However, it was clear that the .189 BABIP in choppy playing time was the primary culprit, especially since it was only knocking out 21% of the time. His fortunes quickly turned in playing time and results. A .358 Pip drove his health line .279/ .326/ .494 with 12 hours at 273 PA.

Christian Bethancourt 베탄코트 And the Jose Trevino (Both $6) It carves out pockets of fantastical value that made them viable streaming players even in 1-catcher formats. Bethancourt spent half of his matches in 1B/DH but I’m not sure the sub-0.300 OBP would tempt a team to use it there that often. Oakland has given him 41 of his 48 games in 1B/DH, so if he stays with Tampa Bay, his playing time may be short. Trevino shouldn’t be playing against the Rightists (.625 OPS for career; .616 for 2022) so I’m not sure the short platoon catcher is worth crafting.

Grandal (-$5) was the catcher’s biggest bust, finishing 54th in a brutal and prolific injury season. He posted 68 wRC+ with 5 HR at 376 PA. Ruiz ($5) was a huge disappointment as well, falling short of his ninth ADP, scoring 20th by the end of the season. Stevenson’s breakout season ($4) was ruined by injury. He suffered a broken right thumb in early June that cost him a month and then just two weeks later he fractured his right clavicle that ended his season. His 134 wRC+ was fourth among hunters (at least 180 PA) when he was hit by a shoulder injury.

A small sample of the lead to remember is Nick Fortis. He had 9 HR and 5 SB at 240 PA. The SBs came with 3 caught, so the 63% success rate might make it slow on the bases but I still like the board skills (19% K, 8% BB) and feel it could outperform the 0.230 AVG. Perhaps Fortes could take the lion’s share of the catch in Miami next year as Stallings managed 71 wRC+ and saw his power crater at 069 ISO (.123 in 2019-21).

2023 Top 15

Here’s an early look at the top 15:

(My focus is 2-catcher, 15-team leagues, although they probably don’t change much regardless of format)

Highest 15°C for 2023

RK player TM Suspension
1 JT Realmoto PH Don’t plan for another 21 SBs, but 10 will be great with everything he does
2 Madeleine Rochman Pal The rookie made the main hype and looks set to rise in the rankings in ’23
3 dalton farshaw AR 31 grams in C was the biggest bonus, giving him another year of elig.
4 will Smith boy Carbon copy of ’21 when you get an LG. Offense changes (130, 127 wRC+)
5 Salvador Perez KCR HR/FB dropped to professional levels (15%) and looked the same in the 2017-2018 season
6 Alejandro Kirk TOR May – June made year: 71% HR, 64% R; Elite board skills (12% BB, 11% K)
7 Wilson Contreras CHC can be on new tm; 500+ PA season is possible if he gets more DH / OF time
8 Tyler Stevenson CI 8 months. Removed from a shoulder injury. & I will definitely repurchase
9 Danny Janssen TOR We expect it to be out of TOR; Can thrive with the role of W/FT (124 WRC+ since ’21)
10 Sean Murphy oak He easily drove a C in PA w/612 thanks to 30 starts in DH; He still has 20+ HR to the upside
11 Jonah Heim text 2H A fall is more like bad luck than a drop in skill
12 William Contreras ATL He must climb to the juniors with being a FA and can put in over 25 hours
13 MG Melendez KCR Better than the .217 AVG we’ve seen and we’re still running an 18 HR
14 Cal Rally Sea Force ‘all or nothing’ approach brings 35-hour rollback risk upside
15th Kibert Ruiz I was There is still plenty of upside over the course of 24 years; .275/10

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