2022 College Football National Championship odds: favorites, sleepers to win the National title and make the College Football Playoffs

Since the College Football game was introduced in 2014, a total of 13 schools have made it to the four-team semifinals, but only five schools have managed to win the National Championship. Alabama has had three of these titles, with Clemson (2) being the only other school to have won it more than once. Not surprisingly, those schools, along with former champions Georgia (21) and Ohio State (14), had the shortest odds of winning the national championship and achieving a CFP in 2022.

LSU (’19) is the only other school with the luxury of calling itself a National Champion in the CFP era, but with the playoffs expanding to 12 teams in the near future, more schools are hoping to add their names to this list. Currently, the same top-level programs have a huge advantage to be brought back into the CFP.

Georgia, the national champion, played the playoff last year despite losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship. This was the second time that two schools from the same conference had played a playoff, with a return the other time in 2017 when third seed Georgia ended up meeting fourth seed Alabama in a CFP Championship match.

As most college football fans and bettors would expect, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has guaranteed the most matches in the playoffs (10), followed by the ACC (8), although six of its eight appearances were by Clemson and one was by Clemson. by Notre Dame in 2020 when she was technically. It is played as part of the conference rather than as an independent. The Big 10 has six appearances (four from Ohio), Big 12 has four (all from Oklahoma), Pac-12 has two, AAC has one appearance, and Notre Dame has another appearance as a freelancer.

With Week 3 of the 2022 season approaching, Alabama is the favorite to win the National Championship by +180 odds, according to Caesars Sportsbook. The odds for a Crimson Tides game almost had a close call with the Texans in week two, but a comeback in the fourth quarter maintained their place as the top player. Although Alabama is on top of the odds, Georgia (+250) and Ohio (+325) are not far behind. There is a bit of regression into the Clemson/USC/Michigan/Oklahoma class, but with so much time left in the season, these schools will definitely see their odds fluctuate a bit.

While Caesars has National Championship odds for most schools, there aren’t many options when it comes to betting on schools to simply do a College Football Playoff match. Regardless, here’s a glimpse into the schools’ current odds of holding a college football game and winning the National Championship.

All Possibilities | Courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook

College Football Playoff 2022 entry odds

The school yes number
Alabama -450 +320
Georgia -three hundred fifty +260
Ohio State -320 +250
Clemson +130 -160
USC +320 -450
Michigan +400 -600
Oklahoma +500 -800
Miami, FL) +850 – 1600
Texas +1000 -2000
North Carolina +1200 -3000
Oklahoma +1400 -4000

Odds of winning the 2022 NCFA Championship: Top 50

The school Prospect
Alabama +180
Georgia +250
Ohio State +325
Clemson +1200
USC +1600
Michigan +3000
Oklahoma +4000
Oklahoma +7500
Arkansas +7500
Tennessee +7500
Michigan State +10000
Texas +10000
Ole Miss +10000
Utah +10000
Florida +10000
Miami, FL) +10000
Pennsylvania state +10000
Kentucky +12500
Texas A&M +12500
University of California +12500
Auburn +12500
North Carolina +12500
BYU +15000
Baylor +15000
North Carolina +15000
TCU +20000
Florida +20000
Washington State +20000
Wake Forest +20000
Pittsburgh +20000
Washington +20000
Wisconsin +20000
Oregon +20000
Iowa +20000
Mississippi +20000
LSU +20000
Minnesota +20000
Indiana +25000
Yes +25000
Maryland +30000
Kansas State +30000
Boise State +50000
Virginia Tech +50000
Bordeaux +50000
Cincinnati +50000
Texas Tech +50000
California +50000
Oregon +50000
Louisville +50000
SMU +50000

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