2022—Record-book season for the Washington Huskies

Note: University of Washington A 2022 Bowl Game Guide Before the Alamo Bowl that included Washington registration book. I did find errors (omissions) in it (one of which was previously reported to UW and they acknowledged and said they would fix), but I used that as a starting point. I’ve added the stats from the Alamo Bowl, and in some cases cfbstats.comTo come up with these records, not to be 100% accurate, but it should be close.

Most Husky fans know that with Michael Penix Jr. In the QB role, UW set a number of records going into the 2022 season. But there are also some other Husky performances this season that will be in the UW record books, including some for not-so-good reasons. Here’s a look at some of them I found searching the UW record books.

Team stats


  • With the victory in the Alamo Bowl, it was only the third time that a UW team had 11 wins (the others were the 1984 and 2000 seasons). The most wins were 12 by the 1991 and 2016 teams. Their winning percentage this season (84.6%) is the 11th highest in Huskies history.

TD score

  • The 65 TDs scored by UW this season is the second-most in a single season for a Husky team (behind the 77 for the 2016 team).


  • UW attempted 22 FG this season, tied for 10th in a season.
  • They’ve made 19 FG’s, which is #7 for most seasons (with the 2019 team).

Scored points

  • UW scored 516 points; This is the second most by a Huskies team in a single season. (The highest number was 585 for the 2016 team that also played in another match).
  • The 42 TDs allowed by UW is restricted to 8y bone in a season by the Huskies. (The 1949 team also allowed 42.)
  • This season’s team allowed 336 points which is ninth-most allowed by the Husky.


  • Surprisingly, UW has scored 89 penalties this season, tying 7y Most of them in one season (with the 1971 and 1999 teams).
  • 786 yards is 8y Most in Husky history in one season.


  • This season, UW only had 9 fumbles and lost 2 fumbles. Both are the fewest by a Husky team in a single season. (UW also tied for the fewest lost tackles in the country this season).
  • This season, UW has recovered just 5 fumbles (fumbled by an opponent) and he’s 3Research and development Fewest hits in a season by a Huskies.


  • This season’s team batted 25 runs which was the second fewest runs of the season. (The 1943 team only batted 22 home runs).
  • Not surprisingly, this team has the third-fewest rushing yards in a season, with 968.
  • They are tied for the fewest kick returns (by UW) in a season with 11 and they are 7y in the fewest yards in a penalty shootout with 121.
  • UW has only returned 9 kicks (by an opponent) this season which is tied (with the 2019 team) for the fewest in a season. (Of course it helped them not to play too many times.)
  • Opponents averaged 43.3 yards per punt versus UW this season which is 2Abbreviation II more than before the discount. (In the 2021 season, opponents averaged 44.5 yards per punt, the most.)

Colorado vs. Washington

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Offensive stats

First defeats

  • This season’s team had 354 first downs, which is the most touchdowns in a single season by a Husky.
  • They also have the most first downs by passing in a season with 222.


  • UW has passed the ball 575 times this season; This is the second most popular Husky team. (The 2002 team had 621 attempts).
  • This team completed 373 of those attempts, the most during a single season.
  • This season’s team has the most yards in a single season with 4,807.
  • His 32 TD passes this season is third most for the Huskies. (The 2016 team had 47 and the 2011 team had 36).
  • This season’s team had the highest average passing yards per game at 369.8 yards.
  • UW’s pass completion percentage for the season was 64.4%, sixth best for the Huskies.

Total crime

  • UW has managed 975 offensive plays so far this season; This is the fourth most of the Huskies.
  • They had 6,711 yards this season which is the most by a Husky in a single season.
  • This season’s team averaged 516.2 yards per game, the most for a Huskies team in a single season.

College Football: Sept. 03 Kent State at Washington

Defensive stat

pass defense

  • The 26 passing TDs allowed this season is 2Abbreviation II bone at all (over 27 in 2007).
  • UW has had 7 interceptions this season, which is third less by Team Husky.
  • And they only had 2 yards of interceptions and he minimum ever by a Husky team in a season.
  • Competitors attempted 418 passes this season, which is tenth bone against the Huskies.
  • UW has allowed 263 completions this season, which is eighth bone.
  • This season’s team allowed 3,269 passing yards, fifth bone by Team Husky.
  • His 251.5 passing yards per game this season is seventh bone.
  • Opponents have completed 62.9% of their passes this season, which is seventh bone.

yards (allowed by defense)

  • This season’s team allowed 4,845 yards of offense seventh bone by Team Husky.

First Downs (allowed by defense)

  • UW has allowed 276 first downs this season which is 5y bone All time.
  • 145 of those first hits came from the pass which is 4y bone.
  • And 25 penalties, which is 5y bone in a season by the Huskies.

bags (defense)

  • The UW defense had 37 sacks this season (which is not in the top 10 all-time) resulting in a loss of 251 yards; This lost yardage is 7y Most yards lost from sacks (since they started tracking that stat in 1983).

individual statistic

Colorado vs. Washington

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Wayne Taulapapa

  • Wayne has averaged 6.3 yards per carry this season; This is the third highest average for a season by the Huskies.
  • Wayne’s 57-yard touchdown run against Colorado was the longest by the Huskies since Salvon Ahmed’s 89-yard run against USC in 2019.

Colorado vs. Washington

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Cameron Davis

  • Cameron has had 13 rushing TD games this season which is 9th in a season by a Husky.

Colorado vs. Washington

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Michael Bennix Jr

  • Michael has the most rushing yards by a Husky (516 against Arizona) and the second most (485 against WSU).
  • He has the most yards in a season with 4,641.
  • In just one season, he’s already made his 12th career passing touchdown by the Huskies. (He could be fourth in career passing yards with another season like this.)
  • He also has the highest passing average per game in a season with 357 yards.
  • His average of 19.4 yards per completion against WSU is 13th best by the Husky.
  • He had 54 pass attempts in the Alamo Bowl, which was seventh in a game for the Huskies. He also had 10 and 11 most pass attempts in a game (53 vs Arizona and 52 vs Oregon).
  • He has the second most pass attempts in a season by a Husky with 554 (behind 612 by Cody Pickett).
  • His 42.6 pass attempts per game is second-most by a Husky (again behind Cody Pickett who had 47.1).
  • His 36 passes against both California and Arizona are the most the Huskies have ever recorded in a game. He also finished seventh with 33 games against both Arizona State and University of California.
  • He had 362 pass completions this season, the second most by a Husky QB (behind Cody Pickett who had 365).
  • Michael already ranks 12th in career pass completions. (He could finish fourth in career pass completions with another season like this.)
  • Four times this season he has had 4 TD passes in a game; Only 6 times has there been more than that in a game by a Husky QB.
  • His 31 passing touchdowns of the season was the third-most by a Husky QB (behind Keith Price with 33 and Jake Browning with 43).
  • He’s already on his 12th career TD pass. (He could finish his third career TD passer with another season like this.)
  • He had 13 200-yard passing games this season (all games) which ties Cody Pickett for the most with 200 yards passing games in a season.
  • His 84-yard TD pass to Jalen McMillan against Portland State is the seventh-longest TD pass in Husky history.
  • His 61-yard pass to Roma O’Donzi against Stanford is the seventh-longest unregistered Go through the history of the Husky.
  • Michael Bennix Jr. caught 6 passes for 50+ yards this season which is the second most in a season by a Husky QB. (More than 8 passes by Jake Browning in 2016.) Those 6 50-plus-yard passes put him ninth in career 50-plus rushing yards.
  • He is responsible for 31 TD passes, 4 rushing passes, and had 2 point conversions this season. This gives him a total of 214 points for which he is responsible, the third most of the season by a Husky. (Keith Price is second with 214 in 2011 and Jake Browning is first with 282 in 2016).

Colorado vs. Washington

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Galen Macmillan

  • Gallen finished fourth in receptions in a season with 79, and sixth in receptions per game with 6.1. (The record book might show him tied with Jerome Pathon in 1997 who also had a 6.1.)
  • He finished seventh in receiving yards in a season with 1,098, and eighth in receiving yards per game with 84.5.
  • He is tied for seventh in receiving TDs in a season by a Husky receiver with 9.

College Football: November 12, Washington, Oregon

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Rome Odonzi

  • Roma finished sixth in receptions in a season with 75, and fourth in receptions per game with 6.3.
  • He is fifth in receiving yards in a season with 1,145.
  • Roma had 4 consecutive games of over 100 yards, the longest streak by a Husky receiver.
  • He had 6 100+ yard games this season which is the second most behind Reggie Williams.
  • His 100+ yard receiving games are sixth all-time by a Husky in a career.

Oregon vs. Washington

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Peyton Henry

  • Peyton has the second most points in a season by a forward with 115, which is also the sixth most of any Huskies in a season. (The most is 123 by Cameron Van Winkle in 2016.)
  • He has the most points of a Huskies career with 402 (any player, not just kickers).
  • He had 4 field goals in a game 3 times (twice against Stanford and once against California); which was tied for third place in the game by a Husky player.
  • He made 19 of his 22 field goals this season for an 86.4% percentage which is the fifth-highest goal percentage by a Husky kicker in a single season.
  • His 19 field goals tied for eighth in a single season (along with Jeff Geiger’s 2019 season and 1986 season).
  • He is second in his career with 71 (behind Jeff Geiger, who scored 85).
  • His 88 field goal attempts are the third most by any Huskies.
  • He has the third most PAT attempts in a season with 59. (Cameron Van Winkle had 76 in 2016 and Travis Coons had 63 in 2013).
  • Peyton has the most PAT attempts in a career with 192.

There are probably a few things I missed, and as I mentioned above, some of them might be a little off.


What is the most surprising record?

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  • 22%

    Fewest errors lost in a single season

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    Second most TD passes allowed (after having the third fewest in 2021)

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  • 1%

    Third lowest number cured

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  • 5%

    Fewest interception yards in the season

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  • 44%

    Wayne Taulabapa with the third-highest average yards per carry for a single season

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  • 9%

    Peyton Henry with the most points in his career

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