2023 NFL Playoffs: Standings for four possible Super Bowl LVII games, including the Bengals vs. 49ers matchup.

Two rounds of NFL football for 2023 are in the books, and we’re officially down to four teams left in the race for the next Lombardi Trophy. Fourteen contenders opened the postseason hoping to enjoy confetti, but after this weekend’s action, where heads outweigh Jaguarthe the Eagles trampled giantsthe Bengals Guidance Invoices and the 49ers escaped from CowboysOnly two games left until Super Bowl LVII.

This means that there are only four possible Super Bowl matchups on the table. Here’s how we ranked them:

4. Chiefs vs. 49ers


We just saw this in 2019, when Patrick Mahomes won his first home run at 24. But a lot has also changed since then: Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers QB at the time, is now sidelined in favor of Brock Purdy, though there’s a chance he’ll recover Jimmy G himself recovered from injury to serve as a backup to Birdie for the big game of the year.

The revenge factor is the driving force here, as Kyle Shanahan was certainly eager to make up for his 31-20 defeat in Super Bowl LIV. But there are plenty of other storylines, too: Purdy’s chance to take down the NFL’s best QB on the biggest stage as “Mr. Irelevant,” Nick Bosa’s chance to disrupt Andy Reid’s offense as hacker He did so in the 2020 title game, tight end Travis Kelsey-George Keitel battle.

3. Bengals vs. Eagles


If your main priority is team bragging at the QB, jump this one over the top. Perhaps no two signal callers have more natural charisma than Joe Burrow and Galen Hurts, who each have championship experience from their primetime college days at LSU and Alabama, respectively.

Cincinnati was eyeing its first Lombardi Trophy against a franchise that just got its first ring in five years, while the combined star power of wide receiver – Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins for the Bengals and AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith for the Eagles – It may be worth watching alone. In general, these teams have been incredibly balanced and in particular the clutch over the course of the season, ensuring a battle for the buzzer.

2. Bengals vs. 49ers

Brooke Purdy


This game is for history buffs – a sweet clash of old-school franchises featuring new-school talent. This won’t be a rematch of both Super Bowl XVI (1981) and XXIII (1988), when Joe Montana’s 49ers beat Cincy both times, but barring injury, it likely means either Joe Burrow, only the third time. . NFL season or Brock Purdy, San Francisco’s unlikely rookie QB, will come out on top.

Burrow has survived conflicted offensive lines before, but his vision and quick shooting will be a real challenge against the fierce DeMeco Ryans front, as he looks to avenge his Super Bowl 2021 defeat against another NFC West opponent on the big stage. From the point of view of X and O, this may be the most equal and nearly equitable rivalry possible.

1. Heads vs. Eagles


The Super Bowl is all about the spectacle: explosive plays, flashy halftime shows, and dramatic finishes. And in that regard, no pairing is more baffling than this one. Yes, it depends on Patrick Mahomes’ ankle stabilizing well enough for No. 15 to be his free self. And yes, there may be a touch of Chiefs fatigue developing now that Liverpool have reached the AFC Championship in five consecutive seasons. But nobody complains when they actually are Watch The Chiefs play football, and on all cylinders the Eagles have come close to matching, if not eclipsing, their offensive production this year. The duel between the unwavering Mahomes and Jalen Hurts will be a sight to behold.

Then there’s the Andy Reed factor, as the KC coach is looking for his second ring against the team he built his career with. Standing in his way on the opposite sideline: Nick Siriani, who is looking to follow in Doug Pederson’s footsteps as a sophomore Super Bowl winner. The last time those two teams met, in 2021, they scored a combined 72 points, and that was before the Hurts were MVP candidates on AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith. If this one comes to fruition, there are sure to be fireworks.

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