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The 2022-2023 season is upon us, and let’s be one of the many who wish to congratulate the Las Vegas Aces on their first championship in team history. The show’s over, the champagne has been wiped from their eyes, and the poor souls who cleaned the visiting locker room at the Mohegan Sun Arena have done their lord’s work. Now, it’s time to look forward to what is sure to be a packed event around the world.

Welcome to Winsidr’s 2023 WNBA Free Agency and offseason tracker, the go-to source for keeping up with every offseason transaction. This will be a live document, updated regularly as moves are announced throughout the 2023 WNBA season. This free agency class isn’t as promoted as the previous one, but it still comes with some big names across the league that could realistically find new homes this winter. Current free agent listings come from the Her Hoop Stats website. Bookmark this page and follow along below to keep track of the flurry of signings that are sure to be made over the next few weeks.

A reminder for those who need it:

Restricted Free Agents (RFA): These players can sign with any team, but their former teams have a right of first refusal, meaning that if another team signs them, the previous team has the right to match that contract.

Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA): These players can sign with any team they choose.

Reserved free agents (reserved): Players with three years of experience or less may be subject to a qualifying offer. If a team makes a qualifying offer for these players, the team will have exclusive negotiating rights with said players.

suspended: If a player’s contract is suspended, he will not become a free agent when his contract expires. Alternatively, the team still retains exclusive negotiating rights, but does not need to extend an eligible negotiation offer.

Players are listed alphabetically by last name


Emma Cannon (India)

Bridget Carlton (1 minute)

Sophie Cunningham (PHX)

Megan Gustafson (PHX)

Natisha Hedman (CON)

Marina Mabry (DAL)

Tierra McEwan (DAL)

Something with my hand (PHX)

Victoria Vivians (India)

Gabe Williams (SEA)


Lindsey Allen

Yvonne Anderson

Christine Angwe

Amy Atwill

Monique Billings

Rachel Benham

Katie Bunzan

Kennedy Burke

Monique Billings

Lexi Brown

Maya Caldwell

Liz Cambage

Jordan Canada

Kayla Charles

Tina Charles

Alicia Clark

Alina Coates

Nia Coffey

Sydney Coulson

Lorella Copage

Elisa Conan

Dameris Dantas

Kayla Davis

Richanda Gray

Brittney Griner

Isabel Harrison

Brea Hartley

Tiana Hawkins

Moriah Jefferson

Breonna Jones

Stephanie Jones

Gentle lavender

Angel McCaughtry

Emma Meissman

Nikolina Milic

Tiffany Mitchell

Asto N’Dour Fall

Kia Nurse

Chiney Ogwumike

Nika Ogomek

Candace Parker

Raina Perez

Teresa Plaisance

Prince Epiphany

Ally Quigley

Carly Samuelson

Jenny Sims

Odyssey Sims

Hannah Sjervin

Slocum’s fate

Camia Smalls

Alana Smith

Azura Stevens

Brianna Stewart

Keah Stokes

Britney Sykes

Stephanie Talbot

Diana Taurasi

Christie Tolliver

Yvonne Turner

Courtney Vandersloot

Megan Walker

Chaturi Walker Kimbrough

Erica Wheeler

Courtney Williams

Elizabeth Williams

Kiana Williams

Sammy Whitcomb

booked up


Crystal Dangerfield (New York)

Raina Davis (India)

Timmy Vajbinle (India)

Rebecca Gardner (Chi)

Joyner Holmes (CONN)

Marin Iohannis (New York)

Jasmine Jones (WSH)

Rui Machida (WSH)

Ezi Magbegor (SEA)

Beatrice Mompremere (ATL)

Jisoo Park (LVA)

Horse Index (India)

Sam Thomas (PHX)

Evina Westbrook (WSH)

Han Shu (New York)


Bernadette Hattar (India)

Tiffany Hayes (ATL)

Amanda Zahoe b. (Los Angeles)

Cecilia Zandalacini (MN)

Maria Fadeeva (Los Angeles)

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