3 Mysterious Books for a Spooky Season in Colorado

The Forgotten Girl (William Morrow)
The Forgotten Girl (William Morrow)

“The Forgotten Girl” By Karen Slaughter (William Morrow)

Andrea Oliver, the new U.S. Marshal, is tasked with protecting an elderly Longbill Beach judge who has received death threats. But the real reason for the mission is to prove that Clay Morrow, a vicious killer who happens to be Oliver’s father, killed a pregnant girl 40 years ago.

As Slaughter’s “parts of it” readers know, the imprisoned father threatens Oliver and her mother. Oliver hopes that fixing the murder on him will prevent him from parole.

In the 1980s, Morrow was part of a five-member group at Longhill Beach High School. On a run in acid with the other four, Emily, the virgin and the judge’s daughter, wakes up with no recollection of who assaulted her. When the pregnancy becomes public, the members of the League, as well as everyone in town, turn on Emily and spread sinister rumors about her promiscuity. Emily’s mother refuses to allow her to have an abortion, fearing that anti-abortion president Reagan will not appoint her as a judge. Then Emily was killed. Moreau is the prime suspect, but there is no evidence.

Andrea tries to solve a cold case while protecting the judge and investigating a cult run by the most ferocious member of Emily’s old gang. “Girl, Forgotten” is a page-throwing thriller by bestselling author.

“Heat 2,” By Michael Mann and Meg Gardiner (William Morrow)

When “Heat” ends, only one member of Neil McCauley’s gang is left alive. Wounded, Chris Shearles arrives in Koreatown, where he gets medical help and a ticket to Paraguay. There he works in security for a rotten Asian family empire. Cheryls teams up with her daughter in her efforts to separate from the family and start her own high-tech company. The result is a fatal feud with both the family and evil opponents.

Meanwhile, Vincent Hanna, who killed McCauley, hunts down Otis Wardle, the psychic leader of a gang of home raiders, who rob, rape, and murder residents.

“Heat 2” is at the same time a prologue and a sequel to the film. Ultimately, Sheerless and Wardle face each other in this action packed movie. Heat 2 is sure to be a movie.

Hunting (William Morrow)
Hunting (William Morrow)

“the hunt,” By Faye Kellerman (William Morrow)

Peter Decker is ready to hang up his badge and move to Israel, but when a woman’s body is found near the place of a man’s disappearance in an unsolved case, Decker decides to solve another mystery before he retires.

Not surprisingly, the two cases are interrelated. The dead woman, Patricia, was sometimes Elsie Scholong’s mistress, implicated in the disappearance. In The Hunt, Decker has to put it together.

Meanwhile, Theresa McLaughlin, whose son, Gabe, Decker and his wife raised, is a pianist (it gets complicated unless she reads Kellerman’s other books), and her son is kidnapped. Gabe seeks help from his father, Chris Donati, Teresa’s wealthy ex-husband who owns a chain of brothels.

McLaughlin has filed for divorce from her second husband and assumes he is behind the kidnapping. But Donati discovers that the criminals are thugs who demand the husband pay the $2.5 million he owes in gambling debts. Donati agrees to pay the ransom and save the boy on one condition: Teresa must agree to marry him again. It’s the devil’s deal.

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