5 best children’s book series to enhance learning

With so many great children’s books out there, it’s hard to know what to choose for your next bedtime story or read aloud. There are so many books on the market right now that trying to pick a read can seem overwhelming! You want something that feeds your kids’ curiosity and promotes learning, while still being entertaining enough to hold their attention.

This is where the children’s book series comes in. These collections of books act as familiar points for young readers, helping them connect with well-known characters from the first reading to the next. Children will be delighted to read these five stories and follow the characters through their adventures – and you will be glad that your child is learning while having fun!

The Interrogators of Andrea Beattie, illustrated by David Roberts

The Interrogators of Andrea Beattie, illustrated by David Roberts

a The New York Times A best-selling series and Netflix TV show, The Questioneers is the perfect way to introduce kids to different disciplines. The series seems to cover every possible career path, from architect to scientist to future president. Besides teaching children about different career fields, it also helps them learn that the challenges in their path do not define them (see Aaron’s Dyslexia in Aaron Slater, the illustrator!). Filled with memorable and compelling characters and whimsical illustrations, this series encourages young readers to follow their passions and be confident in themselves. Kids will be confident knowing that with hard work and determination, they can achieve truly incredible things.

If not you who?  By David Wamberley Pridham

If not you who? By David Wamberley Pridham

It’s never been easier to introduce kids to the amazing world of STEM! As parents, guardians, and educators who strive to teach STEM principles, if not you, then who? Here to help. This engaging series makes learning easy and fun as its characters learn how they can use these disciplines in their daily lives. Whether the three Fairley siblings are building a treehouse or creating an invention to help the environment, young readers will be right beside them innovating. And while some kids are intimidated by STEM, if not you, then who? He will assure them that there is nothing to fear. In fact, it turns out that the STEM world can be a blast!

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The Science of Creation by Peter Reynolds

The Science of Creation by Peter Reynolds

These three award-winning bestselling books fuel exactly what you believe – creativity! Brilliant Peter Reynolds harnesses his talent and imagination to create a children’s series about the beauty of self-expression. from what The message that a drawing doesn’t have to be “perfect” to be great dot Encouragement to start simple somewhere These books will tempt even the hardest of artists to embrace creativity and spontaneity. Creatrilogy’s illustrations capture the playful energy of the books text, showing young readers the joy and freedom the act of creation can bring.

Mia & Tiago by Gosia Glinska, illustrated by Tomasz Plaskowski

Mia & Tiago by Gosia Glinska, illustrated by Tomasz Plaskowski

It’s never too early to start learning about entrepreneurship and self-initiative! Gosia Glinska and Tomasz Plaskowski’s Mia & Tiago children’s series teaches just that; Along with the heroes, the kids will come up with an ingenious adventure. When school project classmates and friends Mia & Tiago collaborate on new projects to help their community, they’re at a loss as to what their project should focus on. Each book in the series focuses on a real-world approach entrepreneurs use to develop and sustain their ideas. From the bird-in-the-hand principle to the lemonade principle, young readers will have a step-by-step guide at their disposal, to get them ready for their next idea!

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What do you do with...?  By Kobe Yamada, and illustrated by Mai Besum

What do you do with…? By Kobe Yamada, and illustrated by Mai Besum

When a book is an Amazon Educator’s Choice, you know it’s going to be educational. Described as “for anyone who’s ever had a big idea,” this series is about encouraging independent thinking and problem-solving in kids. written in simple and direct language, What do you do with…? She asks her readers to look inward to their interests and inspirations. Thanks to these books, kids can feel proud of the value of their ideas, knowing that they’ve accomplished something great just by trying. Encouraging young readers to go out and find inspiration, What Are You Doing…? It is the perfect reading to boost a child’s confidence in their abilities.

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