5 key notes from Governor McKee’s State of the State Address

PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – Governor Dan McKee gave it to him country address Tuesday night, as he reflects on his accomplishments since taking over as Gina Raimondo in 2021 and outlines his priorities for his first full term in office.

Here are five key tips from Mackey’s speech.

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Mackey touts his accomplishments so far

McKee has spoken extensively about the efforts his administration has made since becoming governor in March 2021, highlighting key initiatives related to climate change, expanding benefits to parents and supporting small businesses.

The governor said his first full term in office will focus on building on that momentum, adding that he is “more optimistic than ever about the future of Rhode Island.”

Tax relief and other budget proposals

As expected, McKee has called for cutting Rhode Island’s sales tax by 15 percentage points from 7% to 6.85%, a move he estimates will save Rhode Island consumers about $35 million annually. The reduced rate would still be higher than the sales tax of 6.25% in Massachusetts and 6.35% in Connecticut, though McKee suggested he would be open to lowering it further in coming years if the state budget remains stable.

In addition to the sales tax cut, Mackey has called for other mitigation measures including a two-year moratorium on gas tax increases currently scheduled for July, estimating that would save Rhode Islanders about $25 million at the pump over that period.


The governor highlighted the state’s ongoing housing crisis, calling it one of the “most important issues facing Rhode Island today.” Noting the $250 million approved during last year’s budget process, he said he is committed to expanding the effort, which he hopes will also help address the state’s problems. homelessness problem.

Housing was chosen as a top priority by House Speaker Joe Cicarucci, who will have a major impact on Mackey’s budget proposal after it is unveiled later this week and moved to the General Assembly for consideration.


McKee has long called education one of his top priorities and once again made a call for improving educational outcomes in Rhode Island, saying he would put in place a plan within 100 days of his first full term to reach Massachusetts levels by 2030. He spoke statewide. Ongoing acquisition of the Providence School District, and touted investments in public school buildings throughout the state.

The governor also noted that public school enrollment has fallen by about 5,700 students since the start of the pandemic, saying it was time to “make a targeted adjustment to the funding formula.” The formula determines how much taxpayer support each school district receives from the state, and Senate President Dominic Ruggiero has said fixing the scale is a top priority for the rank-and-file Senate Democrats.

Economy and jobs

With a hint of a possible recession in 2023, McKee said he will remain focused on getting the economy up and running in Rhode Island. He talked about the projects currently under construction, including a The new State Health Laboratory will be built in Providence. He also said that his administration “has prepared the most important capital budget in the history of the country.”

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