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Jenna Bush Hager started her book club in March 2019. Since first choice, I’ve been reading with Jenna He highlighted about 50 books And she’s got a following of readers eager to hear about her next pick.

In the nearly three years she’s run the book club, Jenna tells TODAY.com there’s one question she gets asked time and time again from fans: “Does Is that true Read all the books?

To that, Jenna has a resounding answer. “I’ve read every word of every book we’ve ever picked. There wasn’t a single book we picked, or one we didn’t pick, that I haven’t read,” she told TODAY.com.

“I read every word in every book we picked.”

Jenna Bush Hager on the book club selection process

Gina makes reading a part of her day, no matter what. But as a mom of three and TODAY anchor, she says doing so can be “very hard.” “There are days when I get through a few pages,” she says.

She looks forward to the moments of calm where she is can Read. “There’s nothing more luxurious than a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and a book before your kids wake up,” she says.

Lifelong reader encouragement everyone us to try to make reading a habit (or reinforce a pre-existing one) with Streaking With JennaInitiative 2023.

The premise is simple: Read every day, no matter how little or how much—and keep track of it. Share your progress on social media with an Instagram-friendly calendar (don’t forget the hashtag #StreakingWithJenna), or at home with a printable calendar. Remember your number: Your line of reading will make you eligible for opportunities with Gina.

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to complete its reading, Jenna relies on some tips and tricks, which you list below. You may find it useful as you embark on your reading streak.

1) Gina reads “religiously every night”

Reading a book is an essential part of Gina’s nighttime routine — and giving it a read Qualities as a proven stress relievernot surprising.

“I read before I went to bed religiously every night. In fact, I stole.” Mila’s daughter A little reading light goes around my neck,” Gina tells TODAY.com. “I turn it on even after the husband I went to bed, I’m reading.

2) She reads “whenever she has free time”

Gina says she always has a book on hand – that way, when she has free time, she can fill it with a few words.

“Here’s it when I read: on my commute to work after I’ve finished studying for a show, and on my commute home from work after I’ve finished attending any meetings. I read whenever I have free time—I always have a book in my purse,” says Gina.

Sometimes you take a break in the middle of the day just to see what happens next in the book you’re reading.

3) Her favorite reading spot is high in the sky

Gina reads during life’s watershed moments – but her favorite place to read is high. Literally.

“Airplanes are my favorite place to read because there’s no one to disturb me… unless I’m traveling with my kids, in which case, it’s hard to read,” she says, laughing.

4) Gina has a dedicated, tech-free room at home

The biggest hurdle between Jenna and the books? Her phone and all his distractions. That’s why I recently came up with an ingenious solution.

“We have a room where technology is not allowed. It’s a new room. I just take the books there, put my phone away and read,” she says.

5) It’s embracing audiobooks and changing up formats

Gina says audiobooks are a great way to build a reading habit because they can be companions to your busy schedule.

“You can listen to audiobooks at the gym. You can also listen to audiobooks on the go, on the bus, on the train,” says Gina. “You can listen to audiobooks on the fly if you download them. There are plenty of ways to get it.”

To finish books faster, especially those you’re considering reading with Gina, the book club expert says she’ll switch between formats. “One of the tricks I do is I have a paper book and an e-book for the same book I’m reading,” she says. “This may not work for everyone, though.”

6) Give books a chance

Gina gives each book she picks up about 100 pages. By then, she says, you can tell if you’re fascinated by the story — or if you’re not.

“Once you really get into it, it won’t be hard to find time to read because you’ll become obsessed. You’ll want to stay up late, you’ll want to read in the morning,” she says.

7) But she’s not afraid to quit

The 100-page rule works the other way, too. “If you don’t like it after 100 pages, stop. You don’t have to read it,” says Gina. “Unless it’s something you feel like you have to read, you don’t have to read it.”

8) Most of all, it doesn’t treat reading as a chore

For Gina, reading remains a source of enjoyment, entertainment and escape – which is why, in the end, it is not difficult for her to find time to read, even if she is busy.

“I love reading for so many reasons, it’s really a kind of escape from everyday life. It’s the way I calm down. It’s the way I unplug. It’s the way I fall in love with other places I’d never go. I sympathize with characters who are nothing like me.” “There is nothing like falling in love with a book.”

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