A book by Pope Benedict’s aide threatens Pope Francis with a Vatican scandal

Rome – body Pope Benedict XVI He had barely been lowered into his grave in the crypt under St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City when wild speculation began swirling. Now that Benedict, who retired in 2013, is gone, so will he Paves the way for Francis To be the second pope in modern history retired pontificate?

But the whispers were not about Francis’ choice. were about How do Pay for him about the throne.

At the center of the alleged plot to overthrow the sitting pope is Archbishop George Ganswein – formerly known as George George, or George Clooney of the Catholic Church, because of his unrevealed good looks. Gänswein had been head of the Pontifical family under Pope Benedict, and had assumed that role would continue when Francis was elected. But a few years into his pontificate, Francis dismissed the archbishop, and sent him firmly to the pensioners’ monastery where Benedict had spent the last ten years of his life, leaving Ganswein “shocked and speechless” at a number of decisions made by Francis to undo Benedict’s legacy. .

Gänswein’s tell-all book, Nothing But The Truth – My Life Beside Benedict XVIIn bookstores January 12th. It is set to reveal what the retired pontiff really believed about Francis’ papacy and private correspondence from the retired pontiff to conservatives – some of which is said to be highly critical of Francis – is likely to spark a tirade of criticism against him.

The archbishop has indicated that he promised Benedict to wait until his death to publish it, though it is unclear whether the previous pope had blessed him or read the manuscript—or even knew of the book. Some Vatican observers accused Ganswein of hijacking Benedict’s mourning period and turning it into a war between the followers of the popes.

Father Alberto Farinelli, a priest in the northern city of Bergamo, wrote an open letter to the archbishop on Tuesday, begging him to prevent publication, saying saying everything was “at the cross” of those who want Francis out.

He wrote a treatise widely distributed in Catholic circles. If this text turns out to be a collection of discontent and attacks, even with all the consequences that will follow from it, he must immediately prohibit its printing and circulation. It would be a noble deed by a bishop who stands on the side of truth, without yielding to sympathy or the temptation of discontent.”

Over the weekend, A.J said the unnamed cardinal no stampa A “secret plan” is now in place by conservative bishops including Ganswein to put too much pressure on Francis and he will have no choice but to step down.

Gänswein has spent the past few years chronicling the rift between popes past and present, which he claims had an acrimonious relationship, in part because Benedict was still considered the only true pope by traditional Catholics, who sought masses with him under the rule. the pope. Gänswein says he told Benedict upon his dismissal: “It is as if Pope Francis no longer trusts me and he makes you my companions.”

Deeply concerned about the contents of his tell-all book, Francis summoned Gänswein for a private audience on Monday, even though the agenda for their meeting is kept strictly confidential. One of the things Ganswein said after the meeting was that he must now remain silent.

These disclosures undermine Benedict’s oath of allegiance to Francis.

It’s the sort of Vatican palace intrigue equivalent of Prince Harry additionalswinging heavily at Francis and, according to excerpts published in the Italian press, siding with conservatives like US Cardinal Raymond Burke, whose patronage has been linked to nothing but Trump confidant Steve Bannon.

On the War Room podcast in the days after Benedict’s death, Bannon brought up one of Francis’ staunchest critics, author Joseph Pearse, who attacked the sitting pope on a number of issues. As a reminder, Bannon has called Francis “the enemy” almost since his election, warning European populists like Italian politician Matteo Salvini that he will lead to Europe’s demise with his immigration policies, for example.

It’s no secret that Francis has had enemies in the Church since his election in 2013. His “liberal” stance, which included welcoming gays and immigrants, tolerating abortion and premarital sex, and banning the Latin Mass, has been likened by many in traditional corners of the Church to heresy.

But his primary response to whispers of his resignation has been to show strength. After nearly six months in a wheelchair, all of his meetings this week showed him standing on his feet and using a walking cane. Subtle or accidental, the show of force was not lost on Vatican observers.

Papal biographer Austin Ivery, who co-authored a book with Francis, warned Tuesday that the new book, and the movement it espouses, will excite those who want another conclave.

“These disclosures undermine the oath of allegiance Benedict made to Francis, to which Benedict strictly adhered; violate Gänswein’s duty of secrecy to both,” Ivereigh tweeted, adding that they also “encourage those who wrongfully seek to set Benedict’s legacy against Francis.”

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