A confidant of Tiger Woods expects Woods to play the protagonist – with a possible caveat

Tiger Woods’ last start in the Open Championship came in July.

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Will he play or not?

It’s a familiar question when it comes to tiger woodThese days, more than ever.

Woods also continued his recovery from Car accident in February 2021He played in only three events in 2022: gentlemenThe PGA Championship And the Open Championship. He played four competitive rounds at the Augusta National but came out over the weekend with a pair of 78 seconds. He also made the cut in the PGA but withdrew after the third round 78. At the Open Championship, Woods shot 78-75 to miss the cut by nine.

In all of those three tournaments, he’s never looked completely comfortable in his injured right leg. But with Woods, any pessimism about his latest start always tempers cautious optimism about his next appearance.

The most likely location to see the next Woods-in-spikes would be at his special event, Hero’s World Challenge, in the Bahamas in early December. Whether that will be in the role of host player or host only is uncertain. On Tuesday, Woods announced 17 players for the 20-man field. He wasn’t one of thembut there are still three points left for waivers, one of which Woods could certainly offer for himself, assuming he physically feels the job.

Tiger Woods stares at a tee at the 2022 Open

One big name missing from Tiger Woods’ Hero World Challenge field


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Will he do that? At least one Whisper Woods – his old friend PJ Note – He says, yes, Woods is likely to play.

But with one caveat, Begay speculated: Woods could be behind the wheel of a wagon.

“We might see a late introduction to the shopping cart rule, and that would be great,” Begay said Wednesday of the PGA Tour Champions event organized by Jim Furyk in Jacksonville, Florida. “It will be just another chance for us to see how far he has come.”

If Woods rode in the champ, that would come as somewhat of a surprise. Although Hero is not an official event for the PGA Tour, it does offer the official golf world ranking points and has a loaded field, if limited, including 13 of the world’s top 25 players. It is proper golf.

Woods took a wagon in PNC . Championship Last December, where he played along his son Charlie. But the Palestinian National Council is a gallery. When asked that week if he would consider taking a bandwagon at an official PGA Tour event, Woods said: “Absolutely not. Not for a PGA Tour event, no. That’s not who I am. It’s not what I’ve always been, and if I can’t Playing at that level, I can’t play at that level.”

It is unknown if the PGA Tour or the Hero organizers have discussed the possibility of Woods taking a wagon. When GOLF.com arrived on Friday, Champion Tournament Director Mike Antolini referred the inquiry to the PGA Tour. A PGA Tour spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Zack Johnson of the United States speaks to the media at a press conference during the Ryder Cup 2023 Year to Go Media Event at Marco Simone Golf Club on October 4, 2022 in Rome, Italy, and Tiger Woods of the United States reacts during the 2018 Ryder Cup singles matches in Le Golf National on September 30, 2018 in Paris, France.

Zack Johnson says Tiger Woods will be part of US Ryder Cup team ‘in some capacity’


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On Wednesday, Begay was asked if other players might fool Woods for using a cart.

“With everything that happened and how he really defended the players and the tour, I don’t think we would envy him much of anything these days,” Begay said.

It seems to be withdrawn. As Will Zlatoris By journalist Graham Bensinger Last month:

The part that amazes me [about Woods] is that he has trouble walking but, man, he can still play some good golf. Tiger could have a bandwagon if he wanted to, but you know he’d never take it because that’s who he is. Selfish, I love, dude, get in the cart, I’ll play with you, I want to see you when you’re 50, I’ve proven people wrong countless times coming back from injuries and I’m like getting into a damn shopping cart! “

The World Champion Challenge is December 1-4.

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