ABC News’ TJ Holmes accused of another affair with a young employee amid suspension over his fling with Amy Robach

TJ Holmes, the embattled co-host of “GMA3” who was sidelined because of it extramarital affair With fellow on-air Amy Robach, now accused of having an affair with a separate employee of ABC News, this employee is young.

Daily Mail first mentioned that Holmes “seduced” a script coordinator “13 years his junior,” according to an anonymous “well-placed source.”

The relationship with the employee, identified as 24-year-old Jasmine Pettaway, reportedly began in 2015, after Holmes’ marriage, which is now said to be on the rocks.

“It was Jasmine’s first real job on TV, and it was a big deal for her. She was looking for a mentor, and got in touch with a lot of people. TJ was a responsive person, but he totally abused a position of trust,” the source told the Daily Mail. “Holmes was such a person. He drinks drinks and he and Jasmine have started to do so. She must remember that he was a reporter at the time, and he would take time to talk to her about work or something.”


ABC News' TJ Holmes is facing numerous allegations of extramarital affairs with colleagues at the Disney-owned network.

ABC News’ TJ Holmes is facing numerous allegations of extramarital affairs with colleagues at the Disney-owned network.
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The source alleged that Holmes and Pitaway had sex in his office “two hours” before he went on the air.

“They had sex and I know she was later confused as to what that meant. This kind of ‘Did this just happen?’ “The feeling. I mean, that’s very risky behavior on his part,” the source told the Daily Mail.

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The Daily Mail cited allegations by other female subordinates in addition to Pitaway that were leveled against Holmes including a “young network intern” who was “nervous” and “dismayed” by his unwanted advances. The outlet also previously reported on Holmes’ affair. Alleged three-year deal with the “Good Morning America” ​​producer Natasha Singh started in 2016.

hv news He did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

TJ Holmes has been prosecuted by ABC News after his extramarital affair was revealed

TJ Holmes has been prosecuted by ABC News after revealing his extramarital affair with fellow “GMA3” Amy Robach.
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The Daily Mail reported in November in a story that included several other intimate photos of the ABC News anchors that Holmes and Robach were “romantically locked in despite being monogamous for the past 12 years”. The issue caused a headache for Disney executives, as the theme of the headlines did not align with the brand’s family-friendly values.

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Robach was married to former “Melrose Place” star Andrew Shaw when the relationship became public. The duo has since begun the divorce process and were seen exchanging their shared dog by paparazzi cameras on Friday.

Holmes’ estranged wife, Marilee Febig, is represented by divorce attorney Stephanie Lehmann, who told Fox News Digital earlier this month that she hopes to end things as amicably as possible.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, who co-host ABC's

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, co-hosts of ABC’s GMA3, the midday extension of the network’s flagship show “Good Morning America,” are sidelined while the network investigates their steamy relationship.
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The “GMA3” hosts have been pulled from the broadcast pending an internal investigation.

Holmes and Robach reportedly filed a lawyer as a prospect to have a nasty legal battle with Disney Network remain as their superiors determine whether one or both of them are terminated.

An insider told The New York Post, however, that Robach could still be with the network but not on “GMA3.”

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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