Alabama-Arkansas game score, fast food: No. 2 Tide beats Bryce Young loss to bounce back for big win

No. 2 Alabama survived an injury to Bryce Young and a superb attempt to get back to 5-0 with a 49-26 win over No. 20 Arkansas (3-2) at Razorback. It was a competition that didn’t look like it would be competitive early on as Crimson Tide’s offense seemed to be on cruise control; However, it ended up being a running game as the Razorbacks scored 23 consecutive points before the tide returned to dominance in the fourth quarter.

Young, Alabama quarterback and Heisman Award winner, joined Kobe Prentice in big connections as Bama jumped to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. Young left with a shoulder injury in the second quarter after falling awkwardly while trying to throw the ball away. Tide backup Galen Millereau went up and immediately led two downhill runs to push the visitors forward 28-0.

However, Arkansas climbed to the plate just before the break to begin a furious comeback attempt in the third quarter. The Hogs scored early in the third inning to make it 28-14 before reclaiming a surprising side kick. Alabama held Arkansas for a field goal, but in the ensuing tide possession, the Pigs returned the ball inside the 5-yard line. Arkansas scored quickly, reducing its deficit to 28-23.

Suddenly the fun stopped. Millro broke for 77 yards to set up a touchdown, and on the next drive, J. Gibbs sprinted back for 72 yards to make it 42-23, putting the game out of hand. Gibbs added a 76-yard touchdown midway through the fourth quarter just for good measure as he was rolling for 206 yards in the afternoon.

Even with the injury, Young finished with a 173-yard pass and touchdown combined with an 8-yard dash score. Milroe completed 4 of 9 passes for 65 yards with Alabama only throwing 3 yards in the second half. However, the tides outpaced Hogs 241-228 in the latter half to score more than 42 points over their SEC West rivals for the seventh year in a row.

The Arkansas Arkansas was led by RB Rocket Sanders, who finished the 101-yard race fast and landed on 22 cars.

Here are the key points from Alabama vs. Arkansas.

1. All anyone would care about was Young’s status. When the second half began, Alabama Young listed as doubtful for a comeback, standing on the sidelines, in full uniform, with his helmet on. However, when the Alabama offensive entered the field, Millro was a crowd-breaker with the team. Preliminary theory: As long as Alabama was in control of the game—it was leading by 21 points at the time—Young would remain on the sidelines. If Arkansas plays a game of it, Young will return. That went out the window when Arkansas lowered its deficit to 28-23 but Millro stayed in the game.

This should be a concern for Alabama fans. If Young is not healthy enough to return in the second half, there is good reason to believe he may not be healthy next week. That’s when Bama hosts Texas A&M, who beat Tide last season. While the Aggies’ attack was horrific – look at the square score against Mississippi State – their defense remained solid. The following week, Alabama held a road match in Tennessee. Not having Young would be a huge blow considering how powerful UT’s attack is.

2. Milroe offers something Young . doesn’t. It’s not that Young can’t run because he can. It’s not blazing, but it’s fast enough. However, due to his size, it is not recommended to run and do hits when he can easily beat the difference with his arm. However, Milroe is listed at 6 feet 2 and 200 pounds. He can take hits… if you can catch him. After watching him blast off for 77 yards, I don’t know how many guys could do that.

Millereau’s rushing ability opened things up to a rushing Alabama attack in the fourth quarter as he and Gibbs combined for three dash over 70 yards. The addition of the ball carrier as the eleventh player makes the life of the defense even more difficult. The question will be what Millro can bring to Alabama in a passing match. If the defenses don’t have to respect his arm, they will eventually modify and slow his lunge. Millro was only called up four times in the second half. Alabama hit 3 yards over the last 30 minutes.

3. Sam Bateman made a huge mistake. It might not have mattered in the end, but Bateman made a perplexing decision that was hard to fathom. After cutting Alabama’s lead to 28-14, Bateman opted for a side kick. It was a clever and aggressive move as he tried to grab his team’s confidence and catch the shaky Bama by surprise. But then, after driving into the field to set up a first and a goal, the drive stopped.

With Arkansas facing fourth and the goal from the 4-yard line, Pittman chose the field goal kick to make it 28-17. Yes, Arkansas dominated the game and didn’t want to risk going away with nothing if his team failed to score in fourth, but it’s not advisable to get three points at this spot. Arkansas was trailing by two goals, and the field goal still left it two goals behind. What’s the point of stealing extra possession if you don’t use it to give your team a higher chance of winning?

Hard to beat Alabama. Nobody knows better than the Arkansas losers with 15 straight in the series. You are surely not going to defeat Bama by achieving field goals in the red zone. In the end, it didn’t matter because the Dam broke in the fourth quarter and Alabama won comfortably, but it was nonetheless the wrong decision.

5. Sanders is a good player. That’s it. I want to point that out because the players on the losing team are often forgotten, but Sanders was the best player in the Razorbacks on Saturday. It was the play that stood out in third and fourteenth places in the third quarter. Sanders was the choice. He got on the fairway, threw Henry To’oTo’ aside, snapped the first down and kept the drive alive. This eventually led to a touchdown that made it 28-14 before the side kick. If Arkansas could complete the comeback, it would have been one of the game’s biggest plays.

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