Albany Med announces a unified logo facing challenges

ALBANI — The four hospitals, medical school and home care agency under the umbrella of Albany Medical Center will share a unified logo to reflect ongoing efforts to streamline services and branding across the system, hospital executives announced Monday at a press conference.

Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Columbia Memorial Hospitals and Visiting Nurses in Albany will retain their original names while adopting the Albany Med circular logo, which will be featured in an upcoming advertising campaign.

“Our people are the backbone of our brand,” said Dennis McKenna, president and CEO of Albany Med Health System. “We are one team, 16,000 strong professionals, ready to take care of the three million people in our area.”

The announcement comes days after news was leaked that the Albany Med leadership would do so cut 37 jobs at its main campus in Albany, primarily by management, as part of a major financial restructuring.

Healthcare organizations, including Albany Med, say they are facing unprecedented financial struggles as they run out of federal COVID-19 relief dollars.

During the pandemic, McKenna said, Albany Med and other health care providers have been forced to rely on private staffing agencies, increasing hourly rates for nurses by 213 percent.

Officials said they plan to launch an in-house recruitment agency to encourage nurses with the flexibility of temporary appointments to remain local and work within the AlbanyMed system.

Hospitals in upstate New York are operating at slim profit margins, and the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has driven up costs for goods and services across the board, hospital executives said. At the same time, reimbursement from insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid, has remained flat.

“In a good year for hospitals in upstate New York, maybe there’s a break-even point or a 1% margin…then the pandemic spreads and we know it eventually led to the ‘Great Resignation,’ which has driven up staffing costs but lower revenue,” McKenna said. Referrals from other hospitals must be refused.

Financial documents show that top executives at Albany Med Hospital have received seven-figure salaries and bonuses during the pandemic. The seven highest-paid Albany Med officials reportedly earned a collective salary of over $10 million in 2020 Federal hospital filings recently compiled by USA Today.

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