Alex Honnold’s 8 favorite things of 2022

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably wondered what celebrities add to their carts. Not a JAR brooch and a Louis XV chair however hair spray and the Electric toothbrush. we asked a professional rock climber Alex Honnold — who recently partnered with soap maker Dr. Squatch — about headphones He uses it for focus, a backpack he’s abused for years, and the only nutritional gum he ate on a 32-hour mission in the mountains.

I was a little concerned that these were too bougie when my wife bought them for me (to replace very old and very broken Bose headphones), but they’re great. I love them to fly, for Travelto escape when needed. I love the Noise canceling To get rid of the noise of an airplane, a crowded station, or anything around you. What you trigger on the inside isn’t quite as important as what you block on the outside.

When I travel by plane, I usually listen to classical music or movie soundtracks. The last of the Mohicans It has a great soundtrack. It’s one of the best, but I listen to the obvious classics, like Pirates of the Caribbean – Great soundtrack. I mean Hans Zimmer is generally very good. Batman The soundtrack is good. John Williams is a complete genius – all star Wars The soundtrack is good. Howard Shore too. Surprisingly, the first twilight The movie’s soundtrack is kinda cool and I sleep a lot on it. I wouldn’t necessarily say I endorse the movie, but the soundtrack is great for sleeping.

I’ve sponsored The North Face for 15 years, so I’m no stranger to wearing jackets or wearing them in very remote places. However, there are still some jackets which you like more than others. I find myself in this jacket every single day. It’s my new favourite. I find it surprisingly warm for being relatively lightweight. It’s basically the heaviest jacket I’ve ever worn, like regular applications, you know. This is what I would like to take a rock And to the rock.

Basically every morning I just wake up and get my AG1. I’ve taken a lot of vitamins and different things over the years, and people nowadays send me all kinds of weird free stuff, like the next health product or thing that’s supposed to help you. And realistically, I’ve never noticed this much different from them. And I feel like AG 1 is the only type of supplement or health product I’ve ever used where I like, You know, I’m actually feeling kind of better. Like, I think he’s doing something. But then, I also live in the desert, and so every morning I drink half a liter of water with vegetables in it. And there really is no downside to starting your day hydrated. I think AG1 is kind of a foundational routine, where I start every morning the same way.

I have eaten tons of different types of sports nutrition products over the years, and have found that bolts are the most pleasant on my stomach during really long activities. I rode a 16 hour mountain bike powered mainly by Bolts. I recently did a 32-hour climbing adventure through a local mountain range – The Honnold Ultimate Red Rock Traverse, or HURT – supported largely by bolts. Although, to be honest, by 20 o’clock, I was much nicer on them. But anything else would have been worse. It’s hard to feed large batches in the mountains, and this is one of the best I’ve found.

Maybe naming my phone is cliche, but it’s definitely the most useful tool I own. I use it for just about everything, just like everyone else, even remote mountain adventures. Even in places where there is no service, I use it to move around and listen to music, as well as to take photos and take notes. Incredibly versatile tool.

I was doing some shooting for the climb good morning america, And my iPhone 12 Mini fell out of my pocket and just smashed into the base of this wall, the first time I ever lost my phone from my pocket. And I said Hey man. Then a very nice publicity woman from Good morning America I showed up the next day with 13 new Minis and I was like, big success! All about Mini. Like, I want the smallest thing possible so it can fit in the pocket under the seatbelt.

I use this bag almost every day. Very sturdy and durable. In fact, I just broke one of the buckles on my Cinder after five or six years of heavy use. And it’s obviously not indestructible…but it’s the strongest backpack I’ve ever used, for sure. Because I use my bag as a kind of carry-on bag, too. Like, I’ve dragged it over cliffs all over the world and it keeps trucking, you know, it never dies. Well, actually, it’s still not dead, but it’s just a lot less effective now that the buckle is gone. It’s not an exaggeration, it’s just a big empty space with a lid, like a snack bag. That’s all you need.

I’ve had this skid plate on my truck for the past six years; It is my training tool. I have one at home now too, but somehow my truck hanging still means more to me. Sadly though, Beastmaker works the same way as any other fitness tool: you have to use it often to see any effects. It’s never easy to dangle from your fingertips…but if you’re going to work out for climbingThis is one of the best ways. One of the things I really love about Beastmaker is that it’s so ubiquitous. It’s basically in every gym. Thus, if you do any kind of consistent workouts – I travel and hitchhike in different gyms a lot – it’s a good idea to use whatever tool is available in every gym. So if I’m using certain edges in certain ways, I know I can repeat this exercise in other places.

I love those soap The bars are big enough for me to hold. When you get hotel soap or something and it’s really small You’re like, oh, I can’t hold this in my hands. So i like the heaviness, but it’s mostly just a nice product made with natural ingredients. Everyone has to take a shower sometimes, and this is my favorite soap. I don’t go on any trips or excursions without one. The summer citrus scent is my favorite at the moment. It contains some grit that I love for exfoliation, and it smells great.

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