An author talking about a book about all-female militias to repel ISIS

“This is really a David versus Goliath story, where David is a woman.”

This is how Gayle describes Tsmash Lemon her The film “Kobane Girls,” which tells how an all-female Kurdish militia in a small town in Syria fought alongside US Special Forces to push back ISIS in the area.

Lemmon will bring this thriller to life on Monday, January 23, when she opens her 2023 non-fiction author series, sponsored by the nonprofit Friends of Collier County Library.

The four-morning event series, which raises money for Collier County’s public library system, will be at the Kensington Country Club in Naples and include a full hot breakfast buffet. The series is sold out, but Friends are keeping a waiting list. (See the info box for details.)

Lemon, whose father fled his native Iraq due to religious persecution, has been sucked into the urgent chaos of armed conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and the rest of that region.

Gael Tzemach Lemmon, author of the book

I grew up in a community of single mothers in Maryland—women who never graduated from college and worked multiple jobs to support their children. As a result, Lemmon has dedicated a large portion of her career to documenting how female entrepreneurship and the rise of financial independence help combat systemic violence against women and girls.

All three of her books were The New York Times Best seller. “Khair Khana Tailor The film is about a young female entrepreneur whose business creates jobs and hope for women in her neighborhood in Kabul, Afghanistan, under Taliban rule. “Ashley’s War: The Untold Story of a Team of Female Soldiers on the Special Operations Battlefield,” focuses on First Lieutenant Ashley White, part of an all-female Army unit handpicked to serve on the battlefield alongside Army Rangers, Green Berets, Navy SEALs and others on sensitive missions in Afghanistan.

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