Antoine Davis could pass Pitt’s gun if he continues to score goals at the end of the season

After a season-high 42 points against the International Cobalt Association on January 21, Detroit Mercy guard Antoine Davis became the second-leading scorer in men’s basketball history. The only name left to chase is LSU’s “Pistol” Pete Maravich, who Davis trails by 393 points with 11 regular season — and potential postseason — games remaining.

So we ask the question: can Davis become the all-time leading scorer in men’s ring history? Is this really on the cards? What does it take to make history? Let’s break it all down here:

Basic math

With 11 regular season games and at least one Horizon League game, Davis had to average 394 points in 12 games, with an average of 32.8 points per game down the stretch of the house. In 2022-23, Davis maintained an average of 27 PPG through 20 games played. However, he has scored at least 32 points four times this season, including the last three games as of this writing.

I look forward

The Titans only have the remaining Horizon League opponents on the schedule. This can be useful for projecting forward by looking back and breaking down Davis’ historic performance against each foe, going back to his freshman season in 2018-19.

Antoine Davis vs Auckland

Auckland (23 Jan-17 Feb): In nine career games against the Golden Grizzlies, Davis An average of 20.2 per gamewith his best production coming in a 26-point performance in January 2020.

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Robert Morris (January 27): Davis’ 41-point loss over the Colonials on January 14 with a program-record 11 3-pointers put him at the top of the DI career chart for shots from depth. He also hung 46 of them in 2020 and never scored less than 26 in five matches against Robert Morris for a average 33.6 points.

Youngstown State (January 29): Against the Penguins, Davis with an average of 25.9 pointsThat includes 34 points against them in February 2020 and 32 in their first meeting of the season.

Cleveland State (February 2): Davis’ career peak against Cleveland State is 35 which he has reached on two occasions. he with an average of 24.2 points in nine games against the Vikings.

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Purdue Fort Wayne (February 4): Just like Cleveland State, so is Davis with an average of 24.2 points against Purdue Fort Wayne in five career games against the Mastodons. His career high came in February 2021 when he went down 30 on 8 of 11 shots from deep.

Milwaukee (9 February): Davis seems to love playing Milwaukee. for him The average sits at 30.7 points In seven career meetings with the Panthers, including 39 last season.

Green Bay (February 11): With a career high of 38 and multiple 30-point performances against Phoenix, Davis an average of 26.7 points per game In nine engagements with Green Bay.

IUPUI (February 19): The record 42-point performance that put this chase into overdrive was not out of the ordinary for Davis, who dropped 43 points for Jaguars in February 2020 and with an average of 30.2 points in five career matches.

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Northern Kentucky (February 23): Norse has given Davis the most trouble of his career, with a presence with an average of just 21.7 points In 10 professional meetings. He’s held NKU under 20 points in five of those games, including a 10-point night in February 2020 that nearly snapped his career streak of scoring by double figures (131 games and counting).

Wright State (February 25): Davis was the most ambivalent against Wright State. In nine games, he scored as few as 10 points and as many as a career-high 48 points in his senior season. When it all adds up, it is with an average of 23.9 points against raiders.

It looks like Davis will either have to increase his scoring average by several points for the next month or hope the Giants can make a deep run in the conference tournament and become the leading scorer in D-I history. It’s a grueling climb, but a few hot nights can get you to the top of the mountain.

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