Austin Cendrick on the Bubble

If you had to sit on a playoff bubble, you’d probably want something – anything – to use for leverage.

And it looks like Austin Cendrick has this big thing in his favor Sunday: a track on the road.

Given all the hours and periods he spent on the field during his formative years, and given how well he did there during his junior NASCAR career, Sunday’s race on the Roval in Charlotte is like Briar Rabbit and Briar Patch for the 24-year-old contestant.

He would take advantage of whatever advantage he can get, as he tied for eighth place in qualifying with Chase Briscoe – only eight riders advance from the round of 12 to the next set of races starting next week.

“It’s a great opportunity, but it won’t be easy,” he said during a phone conversation Friday.

It didn't take Austin Cendrick long to make his rookie season unforgettable.  He won the Daytona 500 to start the year.

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Some NASCAR hot plugs are never affected by a road race. Others find a way to live with it, fall completely in love with it, or, in Cindric’s case, have already baked it into the bones of their own race.

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