Bengals vs Steelers final match score, recap and more NFL Week 1 action movie

For the first time in history Cincinnati Bengals And the Pittsburgh Steelers They gathered on the field to start the season, and all kinds of craziness ensued. The AFC Champions lost 23-20 to the Steelers in the final seconds of overtime.

Joe Burrow delivered a raucous performance in the season opener, turning the ball five times and taking seven sacks behind an attacking streak that failed to curb both Cameron Heyward and TJ Watt. The latter ended with a sack, three tackles for a loss, and an interception. But where Burrow struggled, the Bengals’ defense thrived, limiting the Steelers’ offensive to 267 yards and only 13 first touchdowns in five quarters of play.

The start was comically disastrous. After three goals from defense, Cordell Fulson gave up his case to Cameron Hayward in his first match. Joe Burrow was not fired in the next play, but his first throw ended up in the hands of Minka Fitzpatrick. Salameh Steelers proceeded to bring the interception home for the first score in the game.

It was a poor display of the Bengals’ new-look offensive line. Alex Highsmith got into trouble for Jonah Williams early on and ended up dressing him up on the Borough later in the period. The game would have spiraled out of control if the Cincinnati defense had not fielded the Steelers at the goal line in the next game. Instead of stepping on the Bengals’ throat, the Steelers settled on three.

Pittsburgh’s early offensive struggles were met with a solid defense from the Bengals, but shifts from attack made the first half all about the guests. Burrow threw three interceptions to go with the tape bag in the first two quarters. All 17 of the Steelers’ first-half points came from the turnovers they forced.

Lou Anarumo is big again to start the third quarter. After a crushing blow from Kevin Hopper in his 208th match as Bengal, the defense continued to stifle the Steelers’ offensive line. Burrow and offense received an impressive field position in the lead that followed and No. 9 delivered his first touchdown of the season to Tyler Boyd. A two-point conversion to Mike Thomas, who was playing concussion-stricken T Higgins, raised the match level to 17-14.

While Higgins was recovering on the sidelines, Ja’Marr Chase on the right continued where he left off last year. The second-year receiver was pulled in 10 grabs for 129 yards against the Steelers minor. Joe Mixon also had a strong showing despite opening his left arm in the third quarter. Mixon finished with 145 total yards on 34 touches.

Cincinnati failed to get anything offensive to start the fourth quarter, and Pittsburgh took advantage of a stellar position on the field, scoring a field goal to increase their lead to 20-14. The Bengals had a chance to get their first lead of the day at the next drive and they came to a crucial decision in the Steelers’ 36-yard streak. Instead of picking a field goal from 54 yards, offense remained on the field and Burrow threw his fourth interception of the game.

Once again, the Bengals’ defense saved their offensive counterparts and sent the Steelers off the field for another hat-trick. Burrow and Co. has arrived. to the Steelers’ one-yard streak, but failed to reach the touchdown with less than two minutes left. Hope was alive after the Steelers took just seconds off the clock on the next drive, and this time, the Bengals’ final drive ended in a slump.

Chase and Boru are only connected 2 seconds ago, and all they need is an extra point to finish it. But instead of Clark Harris jogging in a long snapper, Mitchell Wilcox went for it due to a bicep injury Harris suffered earlier. The shot was slow and Fitzpatrick blocked Evan McPherson’s extra point, sending the match into overtime.

He knocked the Cincinnati Steelers off the field in the first possession of overtime and, after driving 64 yards, sent the Bengals back on Wilcox to meet Kevin Hooper and Macpherson. This time, the snap was high, the laces were never aligned, and McPherson missed the 29-yard attempt on the left. The Steelers finally showed signs of life against the Bengals defense, Chris Boswell put on the range, and the veteran fired a shot from 55 yards.

yes. There was nothing logical in this game.

Do you want more madness? In the next round, Burrow was sacked for third in the middle of the field, and Samaje Perine lifted it and set it back for 12 yards. But the rules don’t allow another attacking player to advance the ball, so the Bengals were out of range, eliminating any chance of Wilcox getting himself back.

Boswell redeemed himself and signed for 53 yards as time ended as the Bengals dropped to 0-1 to start the season. They’re on the way next week with a match against Cowboys in Dallas.

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