Berlinale unveils the lineup for the 2023 competition

Sean Penn, Jesse Eisenberg, Canadian actor/director Matt Johnson, South Korean author Hong Sang-soo, and Korean-Canadian director Celine Song all star in the upcoming film. Berlin Film Festival.

Berlinale Technical Director Carlo Chatrian On Monday, Executive Director Mariette Reisenbeck unveiled the competition selections and main cast for the 73rd edition of the festival, which will feature a rich mix of established names and newcomers.

As previously announcedRebecca Miller’s romantic comedy “She Came To Me” starring Peter Dinklage, Marisa Tomei, Joanna Coolig, Brian Darcy James, American actress Anne Hathawayis set as the festival opener.

Kristen Stewart He will preside over the jury And Steven Spielberg He will be awarded the Honorary Golden Bear to accomplish a lifetime.

Ben will be in Berlin with Superpower, the doc he co-directed with Aaron Kaufman that depicts the conflict between Volodymyr Zelensky, the actor-comedian-turned-president of Ukraine, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his widely publicized invasion of the country.

“Bene was in Kyiv shooting a movie with Zelensky when the war broke out in Ukraine,” Chatrian said at the press conference. And then, “the reality made the movie turn into something less comfortable and more meaningful,” he added. “We are very grateful to Sean Penn and the entire team for choosing the Berlinale to screen this film,” which “narrates the role of art and artists,” the Berlin co-star added.

Resnbeck and Shatryan revealed that the colors of this year’s Berlinale will be blue and yellow – the colors of Ukraine’s flag. “I think part of the decision is precisely that the Berlin Film Festival will be held exactly one year after the outbreak of war and perhaps showing this film in Berlin will have a more relevant meaning than anywhere else, because we are close,” Chatrian said, detailing the decision to cast Great Power. From Ukraine, because the Ukrainian people live in Berlin and also because of the political value of this film. But it is not the only one dealing with Ukraine. For me, ‘Superpower’ – I realize it will attract a lot of attention – is a wonderful door to let you in on the very rich and complex description of what has been and is happening in Ukraine right now.”

facing movies

“The Klezmer Project” by Leandro Koch, Paloma Chahman
Argentina / Austria

“Adults” by Dustin Jay Diva

“Echo” by Tatiana Huizo
Mexico / Germany

“Here” for DeVos’ bass

“In the Blind Spot” by Ayşe Polat

The Cage is Looking for a Bird by Malika Musaeva
France / Russia

“My Worst Enemy” by Mahran Tamdun
France / Switzerland

“White Plastic Sky” by Tibor Panochki, Sarolta Szabo
Hungary / Slovakia

“In the Water” by Hong Sangsoo
South Korea

“Family Time” by Tia Covo
Finland / Sweden

The Walls of Bergamo by Stefano Savona

Orlando, My Political Autobiography by Paul B. Preciado

“Samsara” by Louis Patino

“The Eastern Front,” by Vitaly Mansky and Yevhen Titarenko
Latvia / Czech Republic / Ukraine / United States

Bad Living by Joao Canejo

“Absence” by Luo Lang

international competition line

“20,000 Species of Bees” by Estibalez Orisola Solagoren

“Shadowless Tower” by Zhang Lu

Until the End of the Night by Christoph Hochhausler

“BlackBerry” Matt Johnson

“Disco Boy” by Giacomo Abruzzo

“The Plow” by Philippe Jarrel

Ingeborg Bachmann – Journey into the Desert by Margarete von Trotta

“Someday We Will Tell Each Other Everything” by Emily Atef

Limbo by Evan Sen

Bad Life by Joao Canegu

“Manodrom” by John Trengove

Music by Angela Chanelc

“Past Lives” by Celine Song

“Afire” by Christian Petzold

On Adamant by Nicholas Philibert

“The Survival of Kindness,” by Rolf D. Haer

“Suzume” by Makoto Shinkai

“Totem” by Leila Ellis

Berlinale Special Gala

“Superpower” by Sean Penn and Aaron Kaufman

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