Bernard Tomic has been staggeringly ignoring the Australian Open for 15 years

Bernard Tomic, pictured here during a practice session ahead of the 2022 Australian Open.

Bernard Tomic during a training session ahead of the 2022 Australian Open. (Photo by Kelly Divina/Getty Images)

Bernard Tomic missed out on a wildcard into the Australian Open qualifier, marking the first time in 15 years that he won’t be taking part in the Melbourne Park Grand Slam. Tomic’s name was missing when organizers announced wildcards for qualification on Saturday, with a place in the main draw of the Australian Open on the line.

The former quarter-finalist won Wimbledon It has fallen in the rankings in recent years It is currently No. 462 in the world. It was down to #825 in August before Make four finals in Futures events At the end of 2022 – winning three of them.

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Tomic has been a part of the Australian Open in some form or form every year since 2008, including the past few years when he made the qualifiers. But despite being Australia’s 22nd-ranked player, he was snubbed for a wildcard entry into this year’s qualifiers.

Six of the spots instead went to young Australians James McCabe, Philip Sekulic, Derek Pham, Jeremy Jane, Edward Winter and American Bruno Kuzuhara – who won the Australian Junior Open title in 2022 – all of whom are ranked below Tomic. Dean Sweeney, Tristan Scholkat, and Adam Walton are all above Tomek.

Tomic, who has not already applied for a wildcard, said on Saturday: “I don’t expect any favours. I will prove my point and earn my way.”

“I understand Tennis Australia has made up its mind. It’s good to see young tennis players given a chance. I’m at a place in my life where I no longer complain. I’m focused and I’m training hard. I’m going to let tennis do the talking. In Q4 2022, I won With three tournaments and made four finals.

“This year is my year, if no one helps me, I’ll be back in the top 100 on my own. My headspace is completely different. I’m in a positive environment, good people around me, I’m in a healthy, happy relationship. Now all I have to do is get back where I belong.”

Although Tomic did not apply for a wildcard, the organizers could have given the 30-year-old a place. However, this seemed unlikely after Tomic had burned all his bridges with Tennis Australia and Lleyton Hewitt (a wildcard referee) in recent years.

Tomic said of Hewitt in 2019: “No one likes him anymore. We have a lot of issues that a lot of players aren’t happy about. We all know who those players are. Myself, (Thansy) Kokkinakis, (Nick) Kyrgios.”

Bernard Tomic, pictured here during the Australian Open qualifying round in 2022.

Bernard Tomic during the 2022 Australian Open Qualifiers (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

Tennis fans react to the news regarding Bernard Tomic

Tomek also fell out with Nick Kyrgios He has been involved in a number of emails with his compatriot in recent months. When a fan suggested on Twitter that Tomic deserved a wildcard into the main draw of the Australian Open last month, Kyrgios commented: “Hahahahaha NO HE DOESN’T.”

Tomek even claimed last year to be Kyrios’ “idol.” He said, “He was always in my shadow growing up. That’s why anytime someone mentions my name to him, it gets under his skin.”

β€œHe knows he can’t rewrite history. The records I set when I was 16, 17, 18 and 19 β€” the youngest slam quarter-finalists at Wimbledon, the biggest tournament in the world.”

Kyrgios replied: “HAHA TOMIC let’s not forget the time you paid for the flight home from Shanghai because you didn’t have the money. Ha-ha-ha you’re rewriting history, you’re the most hated athlete in Australia. You’re right, nobody can take over that.”

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