Best kitchen tech at CES 2023: Smart cutting boards, AI ovens, and color-changing fridges

The kitchen of the future is here. LG released a great version, Color changing party fridge This week in CES in Las Vegas, while GE Profile dropped the $1,000 Smart Blender. And this was just the beginning of the kitchen innovations that were revealed early on January Consumer Technology Show.

smart phonesAnd televisions
And cars Most of the noise is often made in CESbut there are always some standouts Homepage And kitchen innovations to peruse. 2023 is no exception, with updates on some of our favorite kitchen gadgets and some new gadgets and gizmos that aim to revolutionize how all of us slice, dice, blend, simmer, and sear.

While the mixer’s high price tag means most of us wouldn’t rush out to buy this Wi-Fi-enabled baking companion, some very smart additions to the mixer — including a genius built-in scale — make it a good candidate for CES’s Best Kitchen Tech of 2023.

Here are all of CES’ biggest and best smart kitchen announcements and cooking techs yet.


GE Profile smart blender

Stand mixer with serious smarts

KitchenAid has cornered the market in stand-up blenders, but GE Profile’s latest entry into the category has raised more than a few people by surprise. The Smart Blender features a built-in scale for nailing recipe measurements. It also has Auto-Sense technology that helps the device determine when something’s finished mixing or needs a little more oomph, especially when working with a guided recipe.

Speaking of how-to recipes, the GE profile syncs with the app to help you navigate dozens of recipes from measuring ingredients all the way to the mixing part. CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt got to try it and you might as well Her favorite thing from all of CES 2023.

Read more about Here is the GE Profile stand mixer.


LG MoodUp color changing refrigerator

Finally, a fridge for partygoers

When 2023 rolled around just days ago, I didn’t know I’d need a refrigerator that changed colors at the push of a button and synced to my music — but here we go. yes, LG Mod Up refrigerator Flashy, and most of its features are completely unnecessary, but not all are.

Consider Instaview’s knock-to-view technology, which isn’t entirely new but does make one of the fridge’s front-facing side panels become transparent when pushed in, letting you see what’s inside without opening. Oh, and the fridge can sense you’re coming in in the middle of the night, and provides some gentle light through one of the panels so you don’t step in the dog’s water while sneaking 2 a.m. bites of cheesecake.

It’s going to be pricey, but honestly, we’re starting to see the appeal. Read more about LG MoodUp is here.


Samsung wall oven with artificial intelligence

Robots cook

Samsung’s new wall oven with artificial intelligence, which was presented at CES 2023Equipped with an internal camera and technology that allows you to send an inside view of the oven directly to social media. The AI ​​Pro Cooking algorithm can recognize up to 80 dishes and recommend a suitable temperature, time and cooking time, then send notifications to help prevent your food from burning.

Read more about Samsung’s new AI oven is here.


Caltech Fresh Food Preserver

The end of moldy bread and stale bread?

Keeping food fresh, unrefrigerated from stale mold and growth has long been a problem, and the kitchen innovators at Japanese company Kaltech think they’ve discovered an answer. The high-tech breadbox is powered by electricity and uses photocatalysis, a chemical procedure sometimes used to decontaminate water, to keep bread and produce fresher for longer.

We’ve yet to test the $315 Fresh Food Keeper, which naturally has to be done over a few days, but we’re doing it and will report back on the results shortly.


Brava glass

Finally, my precious smart oven got a glass door

we love Brava It’s fine, but its eye-catching price tag makes it hard to recommend. And that last drop of Brava will drain more coins from your bank account.

The new $2,000 Brava glass, which the company unveiled at CESIt has all the trappings of the original $1,300 model, including the ability to air-fry, roast, bake, roast, reheat, slow cook, and keep warm, with the addition of a glass front door so you can see the food as it’s cooking. Previously, food flying in the Brava could only be viewed via your phone via the camera inside the cooking chamber.

Read more about what’s new The Brava Glass smart oven is here.


Smart cutting boards

The new smart kitchen category debuted

Two smart cutting boards made their debut at CES this year, adding to the long list of kitchen gadgets that have been given smarts.

the Blog It’s a sleek, expensive walnut board with a detachable screen meant to display live or recorded cooking videos so you can work through dishes without having to hunt for a tablet. It’s nice to look at, but we’re not sure it’s worth the $799 initial cost, plus a $39 monthly subscription.

A more practical version is Versaware smart cutting board. We don’t have pricing info yet, but we sure hope it’s less than Blok. This mini cutting board features a smaller, more manageable display that clips into the bottom corner and guides you through recipes, providing helpful information on technique, calories, and nutrition.

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The most important flagship products were revealed at CES 2023


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