Better call Saul-Breaking Bad Universe Spin-Offs we’d like to see

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the Better Call Saul series finale.

In the end, most of the characters sway in the format The best of Saul on demand Conclusion ended in a reconciliation between white and black. Lifeless and buried in a tomb under a super secret laboratory. Imprisoned after one last sacrifice for love. They were moved to Florida in the hope that the palm trees and free labor would become peace. Despite these decisions, there are still endless possibilities to expand the series through its secondary characters or small crossover details from its counterpart in the show. Too bad. Although the show makers Vince Gillian And the Peter Gold May be accurate, they said, they did not rule out more crime content in New Mexico.

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The universe can go on detailing society’s struggle with the drug game through local characters like Ed Galbraith (Robert Forster), Flynn White (RJ Mitte), or even take a look at the Tuco Salamanca method (Raymond Cruz) skinny house (Charles Baker) in Los Lunas Prison. The backstory questions are still out there with other major characters like Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), Lydia Todarte-Coyle (Laura Fraser), and Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton). Any of the characters could take the series into the unknown and into the well-established roots before Walter White (Bryan Cranston) or even Slippin Jimmy )Bob Odenkirk). Still dead, alive or imprisoned, some characters have secrets about their rise in the underworld or will reveal a new untouched pocket of the cartel syndicate.

Here are a few of the spin-offs we’d love to see happen.

Agent Flynn White

A series about Flynn’s struggle to reset his life after his father’s public death and notoriety.

Walter Jr.’s turbulent relationship with his father is better underlined by the flip-flopping of the names Walter Jr. and Flynn. In fact, throughout most of the show, Walt Jr. has consistently appeared closer to his Uncle Hank Schrader (Dean Norris). It seems that the conflict is over at the end Too bad, When Walter refuses to confront the son for the last time outside his school, while Walter is still on the run. The public was left to speculate on how Flynn handled his father’s public arrest and in general how the Wyatt family handled the shame. And what about money? That slice of $9.72 million in drug money forced Walter Gretchen (Jessica Hecht) and Elliot Schwartz (Adam GodleyTransferable through an irrevocable trust to the family after the death of Water. Flynn, who was holding his moral compass, probably donated most of the money to methamphetamine rehab centers. There is also an obvious accidental possibility as father and son. Or perhaps something more layered like an introspective narrative about Flynn’s life, which is dedicated to following in his uncle’s footsteps in an effort to avenge his father’s crimes.

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black book

A series detailing the obscene figures of criminal connections accumulated from Dr. Caldera’s Little Black Book.

Both shows made it clear that behind the return to normalcy in Albuquerque’s routine, she ran a dark network of drug dealers, arms dealers, and murderers. Some of these characters were introduced by pseudo-veterinarian Dr. Caldera (Joe DeRosa) The Black Book, which was bought by Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) to strengthen his contacts. Most of the contacts are still unknown to the public, but they can be linked together by a set of vignettes of the characters.

A well-known contact from a loose business card included in the Black Book introduced audiences to Ed Galbraith, Vacuum repair specialist who owns Great Quality Vacuum. Ostensibly, Ed was a legitimate businessman running an impressive service in a moribund industry. But it all served as a front for his secret “disappearing business,” where for $125,000 criminals could start over with a new identity, avoiding any imminent trouble with law enforcement. There is little to no background on Ed, except for his tough behavior and the details of executing Vanishing Plans. Perhaps his resources and abilities point to a past in law enforcement, or perhaps he was once a recipient of the services he now provides.

Another sloppy little-known character, worthy of a backstory, is veteran arms dealer Lawson (Jim Beaver), which could shed light on the infrastructure development of the criminal world in Albuquerque. He was one of the few elusive characters who would have been around to see her fall back, as he admits to serving unarmed criminals for “30 years or more”. He can even detail what happens in Albuquerque next Too badLawson was one of the last people to deal with Walter, so he sold him an M-60 machine gun and a car before Walter returned to confront Jack Welker (Michael Bowen).

Los Lunas Prison

A series detailing the inmates of Albuquerque prison in Los Lunas and how the cartel influences from outside the prison walls.

Located in the arid desert of the province of Valencia, Los Lunas Prison was a place rarely used by the show’s creators, but ultimately it was the component that connected Walter White to the drug trade in Salamanca. In the first season of Too bad, Skinny Feet Pete Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to Tuco Salamanca, who Skinny bragged to be his former Los Lunas prison classmate. Despite Skinny’s assurances, during the distribution deal with Jesse, Tuco’s disregard for any affection with Skinny questions their relationship in prison. Los Lunas was lightly affected The best of Saul on demand Through updates sent to Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) to imprison his nephew. In one of these letters, Lalo Salamanca asserted that Don Hector, Tuco would release him from prison within eleven months, suggesting that he or the cartel had some kind of fascination with the prison ranks. How strong is their attraction, and how does this implicate the Albuquerque judicial system? And did Skinny carry Tuco’s pocket while they were in prison, or is there more to their relationship?

Gustavo who?

A series detailing Gustavo Fring’s life in South America and the subsequent rise of the cartel.

A drug-trafficking mastermind named “The Chicken Man” was the featured antagonist in both shows and perhaps the most enigmatic. Very mysterious, neither the DEA nor his bodyguard, Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks), they were able to excavate any records of him, suggesting that even his name was a fake. The public can believe that Fring was in the military sometime before the drug game, as Héctor Salamanca sometimes referred to as a “big general”. But in the late 1980s, Fring first made his way into the cartel collaborating on cocaine distribution. Then in an effort to better legitimize his position, he founded the Los Pollos Hermanos fast food restaurant, in an effort to ease distribution logistics, which eventually cemented the cartel’s respect for him, something previously missing because Fring was from South America. But how did Fring find his way into the drug game in the first place?

In one flashback, fans are introduced to Fring’s romantic partner Max Arciniega (James Martinez), who originally co-founded Los Pollos and was the chemistry genius behind all of Fring’s formulas. Max was killed in front of Fring as punishment for Fring’s impudent move to force the cartel to meet by selling drugs to men on their lands without their consent. This event has been held up as the cause of Fring’s entrenched anger and later revenge. But the man who wanted to trick the cartel into meeting must have developed this kind of nerve long before the execution.

Where did the manipulation come from? His ability to win trust from those with the most power was impressive. He was even able to manipulate the power outside the cartel, earning the DEA’s trust through donations to their charitable events and acting in good faith when Agent Schrader was shot and sent to the hospital. It was his toothpaste smile and perfect makeup mixed with true Machiavellian intentions that made Gus so persuasive. His temperament alludes to a past tragedy, which can only be nurtured, not aligned.

Southern Branch

The series narrates the lineage of the Salamanca family, joining Don Eldio and expanding their business to the United States.

Based out of Mexico, the cartel has put up a variety of suspicious figures that are worth consideration for their separation. Specifically, the Salamanca family for an explanation of how to raise their members to be cold-blooded killers or playful sociopaths. Starting with the patriarch, most of Don Hector’s characters in Too bad And the The best of Saul on demand He sat in a wheelchair. But a man highly respected by Don Eladio (Stephen PowerHe must have a serious background. Flashbacks refer to a man who was full of ruthless power, ruthlessness, and cigar smoke. As in season three, when the flashback showed Don Hector teaching his nephews Marco Salamanca (Luis Moncadaand Lionel SalamancaDaniel MoncadaA lesson that “the family is the same,” by drowning Lionel in an ice bucket after Marco wished him dead, it was in 1989, when Don Hector was considered the cartel’s most brutal leader.

This explains his nephews’ brutality, but how this happened remains a mystery. The show can then delve into the lives of young “The Cousins”, Marco and Leonel, and how they were nurtured through the Cartel to become the organization’s leading killers. And what with silence? I rarely spoke to any of the characters Too bad or The best of Saul on demanda deviation from the flashback with their uncle when they seemed to still be young, or at least audible.

Finally, the series could feature Eduardo “Lalo” Salamanca, also known in The best of Saul on demand Like Don Eduardo. Lalo was different. Although he was raised by his uncle like the rest of his cousins, he worked under the guise of cuteness and charisma, deceiving almost anyone who questioned his legitimacy. His actions were calculated, rather than sentimental, as he went so far as to hide in the sewers for three days to catch rival Gustavo as he skipped his place in the cartel. The facade that Lalo was able to maintain throughout his character’s development implied a tough but impressive development, as he’s consistently trusted with the cartel’s dirtiest work. Although Lalo only appeared in about two seasons of The best of Saul on demandHe was one of the few characters whose influence lasted even when he wasn’t on screen. Find comfort in Saul’s face in Season 3 of Too bad, When his captors told him that Lalo was not the one who sent them. A kind of impact worthy of context.

Todart Coyle

A series of single mother’s moral complexity and her rise to the white-collar side in cartel operations.

Lydia Todarte-Quayle was the CEO of Madrigal Electromotive, which was first introduced as a Gustavo Fring plug for methylamine barrels. After Fring’s death, she continued to distribute it to Walter White’s new operation, and later to the Jack Welker gang, after Walter was forced into hiding.

Lydia’s background and initial contact with Gus are still unknown. Apart from her daughter, German fluency, and affection for Stevia, little is known about Lydia’s personal life or background. There was just something about Lydia’s unnerving temper and her secret ability to play both sides of the conflict that made her a compelling character in a secondary game. How does a Houston business manager have the audacity to ask for a list of 11 men, while also sharpening the resolve to quietly persuade a DEA agent to provide the details of her investigation? In both cases Lydia was either handcuffed at gunpoint or stabbed former personnel in the back for security. An account of her duality and her only redeeming quality, motherhood, could provide a softer glimpse of the female heroine.

With so much inconsistency and mystery still shrouded in the majority of the characters from Too bad And the The best of Saul on demandThere is no wrong way to go, Vince Gilligan. And although his counterpart, Peter Gould, recently alluded to Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) as the next in line, who’s to say the universe can’t keep playing past and present, black and white, covering multiple characters at once?

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