Bibvewadi experiences a superior spirituality and 5-star lifestyle

Pune, IndiaAnd the October 6 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Solitaire, the premium real estate brand, has been a major contributor to this growth. Solitaire has 45 completed projects. Solitaire has a well-balanced portfolio of retail, commercial, residential and mixed-use development projects.

Bibvewadi is one of the most progressive districts in Pune. Ongoing real estate and future infrastructure developments are sure to take Bibvewadi to a whole new level.

Aside from over 3,000 units of continuing retail development, 39 square feet of continuing commercial development, and 14,000 residential units, Solitaire also owns 460 acres of master development.

One of the ongoing Solitaire projects, Solitaire World is the largest mixed development project in Pune Which includes a commercial mall, a commercial project and a residential project, all on an area of ​​13 acres. But this week, this project caused a stir for a completely different reason.

This project includes extensive amenities that are unmatched in any other project. One such facility is a spiritual area that includes two temples. Solitaire World organized a large Bhoomi Poojan Mahasamaroh fair for one of these temples.

The entire journey of this event includes three sections. The journey begins with the enchanting Pooja area where projective mapping technology is applied to give visitors a beneficial spiritual experience. After the person steps forward, he enters the virtual reality area where he will be able to experience this majestic project and its amenities through virtual reality. And then, the trip ends with an exclusive preview of the entire project.

People from the other side Puneresidents and business families of Bibvewadi, visit Solitaire World to experience this great event.

About Solitaire

Solitaire is a premium real estate brand that stems from the 40-year-old heritage and trust of the Cordia Group. Solitaire has 45 completed projects covering more than 2.2 million square feet to its name, with more than 1,673 units delivered. Solitaire has a well-balanced portfolio of retail, commercial, residential and mixed-use development projects.

Apart from 1.8 million square feet of ongoing retail development, 2.8 million square feet of ongoing commercial development, and 2.2 million square feet of residential development, Solitaire also owns 1,500 acres of master development and 35 million square feet. Fee from equity investments.

Solitaire has expanded to all parts of Maharashtra and has a bold imprint in Mumbai With Sesen – Nepalese Sea Road & Alta Monte – Malad East, and Palais Royal – Worli, which is the tallest tower in India And one of the top 3 mixed-use development skyscrapers in Asia.

One of our flagship projects, Maha Mall, is shaping up to be the largest wholesale market across Maharashtra, which today has overseas offices in Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Nasik and Mumbai. This mega project will help traders to trade across Maharashtra through Vikreta Kendras at these locations.

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β€œIt is a very beautiful experience, the whole event and the way it was all organized. Being in this puja is so satisfying that we feel as if we are immersed in the experience, and everything around us is so magical. We loved the whole experience, and are happy to be a part of this party. “- Kamal RankaOwner, Square Fit Properties

“This project will definitely become a prominent monument in the future. Previously we had only bought one apartment here. Today we bought another one, and we are considering a third apartment in Solitaire World.” – Kishore Jain And Family, Owner, Excela Group


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