Bold and Beautiful Summary: Bill doubles down on his threat against Taylor

At Bill’s house, Steffy tells him that she can see in his eyes that Katie and Brooke are hurting him. Sheila warns Fareesa of vulnerability and is relieved that he has come to his senses. “Thank God, I have reconsidered.” Now, Sheila is back behind bars where she belongs, but Stevie needs to know that Bill no longer threatens her mother and he won’t do it again.

In a room in the prison, Sheila is waiting for a visitor. Mike Guthrie appears in – He’s Also a Guest. Sheila asks, “Mike, what are you doing here?” Mike says he pulled some strings so he could see her pretty face. He thinks of things finally catching up with her, but she assures him that it’s temporary and won’t be there for long.

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At the cliff house, Finn receives a visit from Lee, who has heard the wonderful news of Sheila Carter’s capture. He yells to me that being behind bars is exactly what that woman deserves. She was beaming but Finn seemed worried.
Lee Smile B&B

Lee remembers how vicious Sheila was as she returns to her fight and Sheila runs her out of the way. Finn declares that he will never forgive her – if Sheila was all right, both Lee and Stevie would be dead. Lee is thankful that Bill Spencer found her…and he’s now responsible for getting her back into custody.

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In prison, Sheila tells Mike that she will never try to escape again. “I won’t have to,” she said. Mike feels sorry that she ended up there again, but he is happy. “It’s no secret that I love you, Sheila.” Sheila tells him to enjoy it while he can because her days in that hellhole are numbered.
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At Bill’s house, Steffy says she won’t try to justify what her mother did, but reminds Bill that there were extenuating circumstances at the time. “We both know why.” Bill sums up that he said he would keep quiet, and he did. Stevie needs to make sure that this will continue. Bill mentions that Taylor is a good person and he saved Sheila’s life. Bill says Sheila did the same to Taylor. Stevie yells that her mom was hanging off a building trying to save Sheila from jumping. “Think of all the people you’ve hurt…the people you care about. Sheila is behind bars and she shouldn’t be free anymore.” Bill says, “I hear what you’re saying.” Stevie asks, “You do?” Bell replied, “Yes, I do.”
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At the cliff house, Lee asks Finn why Sheila was at Bill’s house when she was arrested. He thinks she seems to have a history with everyone he knows. Lee decides that it doesn’t matter as long as she is caught. She wonders that Sheila is the mastermind behind the criminals and remembers what she went through after the woman appeared at his bedside. Finn regrets what his mother has gone through. They embrace as Lee says she is so grateful that Finn is there, alive. “Evil does not win.” Finn seems worried.

In prison, Mike urges Sheila to accept her fate—the sooner she does, the easier it will be. The guard urges him to hurry up. Mike tells Sheila he’ll think of her in his cell, and knows she’ll think of him, too. They may finally be together forever. Sheila tells him this will not happen. “I have my own contacts.”

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In Bill’s place, Stevie reiterates that Sheila belongs in the prison, not her mother. Bill overhears her and she’s right about all of this – Sheila has destroyed a lot of lives in the past. Stevie asks, “So we agree. Sheila will pay for her crimes, and you won’t say anything about my mother shooting you?” The thing Bill says is that he hurts people too. That’s why Sheila understands. “That is why I know that no matter what I do, I will never be able to hurt her.” Stevie Blanchez. “Wait, Bill. What are you saying?”
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Alone again in the prison room, Sheila asks the guard why she is still there. He said it is popular today and has another visitor. entered me. Sheila Crone, “Well, isn’t that a great decision.” Lee couldn’t resist the urge to see her in her natural habitat. Sheila smiles that she is starting to feel lonely. Lee tells her that she will spend the rest of her life behind bars now that her partner in crime, Mike Guthrie, is also in prison. “There is no way out this time, Sheila. And nobody could be happier than me.” Sheila thinks Stevie might be enjoying the moment. Lee adds that Finn is very happy about that, too. “We’ve all been waiting for this day.” Sheila levels, “And what is this day of mine?” tends to me. “Judgment Day. When will you finally be held accountable for your crimes. Evil never wins.” She repeated that Sheila would be behind bars until she laughed. Sheila giggled and slapped her hand on the table, very amused.
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At Bill’s house, he tells Stevie that there is something very important she hasn’t considered. He cries, “This emptiness in my heart.” He hurt every woman he loved. “I need someone who can handle me. A woman I can’t hurt. A woman who will stay… like Sheila.” Stevie’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “Bill! What’s wrong with you? You’re acting crazy right now!” She’s hurt but Sheila isn’t the answer. Belle insists she is. Stevie Balks, “Are You Kidding Now?!” She needs Bill to assure her that her mother is safe. “I need your word that you won’t say anything to anyone. Especially the police.” Steffy hollers that Sheila will use him and then move on to her next victim. Bill flashes to Sheila to tell him that she is his for life and tells Stevie that he will not let Sheila spend the rest of her life in prison. “If you and Finn are accused of pressure, Taylor pays for her crime. Sheila’s life for your mother’s freedom. These are my deals.”
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