Brad Pitt Showcases His Art – And More Art News –

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It’s the drilling—Artworks of the actor Brad Pitt, This is it. some of them displayed In Tampere, Finland, in Sarah Helden Museum of ArtAnd the TMZ reports. In a new show there, Pitt displays recent works alongside his friend’s sculptures Thomas Hosegowho is reported to be a house considered a close friend. according to TMZPete never made it to the opening show Exhibitionwhich also includes the composer’s works Nick how. But for those interested in traveling to see the show, Tampere is only a short train ride from Helsinki.

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Einhornhole (Unicorn Cave), Blue Grotto.

Photography dispatch. coordinator Clement Cherokesa star Museum of Modern Artwill leave office As Principal Photography Coordinator, The New York Times reports. He is ready to return to France, where he will now work as a manager for Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation; He has only been on MoMA for two years. Ars Technica Reports indicate that some artists have started Presentation of art created by artificial intelligence To store photography sites such as stock struggle Trying to “monetise” this business. This might sound a bit strange, but Shutterstock’s terms of use technically allow AI-generated art to appear there for potential licensing by others. The guardian took over deep diving In the photo of the photographer William ClineWorld Health Organization He passed away last week. The shot was taken in Rome, commissioned by the French Vogue magazinebrings out “the right mix of cool monochromatic chaos and traffic chaos he wants.”


A 1,300-year-old statue of jumping horses from China’s Tang Dynasty has undergone scientific analysis, and experts in Cincinnati Museum of Art In Ohio, which owns it, I was shocked by what they discovered. The restored statue will be on display at the museum in October. [The Washington Post]

Before her first New York show in over a decade, at pes galleryArtist Beatrice Milhaese She discusses her latest collection of abstract ideas, which sees her embracing diagonals rather than circles. “I needed that kind of provocation,” she said. [The New York Times]

During the epidemic, the painter Frank Auerbach I turned inside and started making a series of selfies. The results will appear in an updated version of the book on Auerbach by William FeverAs bold as anything else he’s done. [The Guardian]

Alabama Birmingham Museum of Art Received two gifts totaling $3 million. One of the gifts will support the Learning and Engagement Manager, while the other will fund the CFO role. []

Meanwhile, Arizona Phoenix Museum of Art Received a million dollars from Men’s Arts Council. The gift, intended to help the foundation assemble its public programs, is the largest financial gift you will ever receive. [AZFamily]

young momma The show highlights the organization Yay artsIt is intended for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. “I think art is therapeutic,” he said. Jimmy TuckerOne of the participants in the show. [CBS New York]


Naming rights. Museums around the world, from he met to me TateThey started stripping their galleries of Sackler Noun. However, one of the foundations you still own is Harvard Art Museums In Cambridge, Massachusetts. On Twitter last weekend, the activist David Hoggwho often focuses on gun violence, asked why, saying that no institution would call itself yet El Chapo or Pablo Escobar. He’s not the first to ask the question.Nan Golden Which Pain Collection protest there onceEven Cambridge City Council Harvard called To delete the name Sackler. Hogg’s tweet has so far garnered more than 7,000 likes. [Twitter]

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