Bradenton EDC is always evolving to help businesses

Sharon Hellstrom

Anyone who has run a business knows that there are obstacles to growth. Some examples include finding the right talent for your workforce, managing permitting challenges during facility expansion, and finding a new location to meet customer demand for a new product or service.

What if you had a long-term relationship with a trusted advisor who could connect you to workforce development and training resources, help you interact with government agencies, and bring all parties to the negotiating table with a facility expansion or merger?

This is exactly what Bradenton Area Economic Development Corp. does. (EDC) through our well-established Business Program. We offer a strong network and cutting-edge approach to helping Manatee County businesses grow, add jobs, and reinvest in our community. While we have a robust outreach program hiring companies from across the country and abroad, we know that established companies are responsible for up to 70% of job growth.

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