Inside the Whitney Museum’s 2023 Art Gala

Like most technical events, the Whitney MuseumThe astrology-themed art party on Tuesday night was an evening full of people looking to be seen posing as looking at the art. Before entering, I noticed that there were people standing outside the museum with signs that read, “Hunk in Support of the Whitney Workers,” in support of … Read more

Cross of Vladislav Krasnochok by Jean Law

At Paris Photo 2022, I turned a corner and was captured by a wall of small sepia prints, those were the original silver gelatin prints. When I looked closely I saw the corpse of tanks and the ruins of bombed buildings, I suddenly realized that the Ukraine war had reached Paris Photo! One image in … Read more

This British Columbia cartoonist explores the ups and downs of a mother’s dementia through his art

Cartoonist Gareth Godin owns a vintage comic book store in downtown Victoria, British Columbia. He writes comic books for young adults and He teaches comics and graphic novels at Camuson College. He also writes one cartoon every day, sometimes documenting his life, sometimes making a pun or joke. Documenting his life means drawing moments from … Read more

Now stop: the paparazzi are extremely toxic

Having been an active member of the photography community for the past few years, I’ve begun to notice some toxic traits. In a community of this small size, how can everyone hate each other so much sometimes? Let’s dig in and see how bad it is here. Before I go any further, I’d like to … Read more

Homelessness is highlighted with body paint during a public art show featuring AFLW star Erin Phillips

AFLW player Erin Phillips is no stranger to silvers, but she donned gold for a very different reason than the fielding exploits she’s known for. the main points: AFLW champion Erin Phillips was among seven notable South Australians who took part Usually used to symbolize wealth, the color gold was chosen in an ironic way … Read more