The editor of The Hawaiian Story was 42 years old

next episode of NCIS: Hawaii I’ll salute to Yakira ChambersStory editor for CBS Drama who passed away suddenly last week at the age of 42. Chambers’ family told Deadline that the initial cause of death was attributed to acute asphyxiation. She was with her mother outside a mall in Newport Beach, California on Wednesday night … Read more

Harry and Meghan’s TV boss is leaving after 18 months, days before the release of the Netflix documentary

Harry and Meghan’s boss’s media empire departs after 18 months – just days before the documentary’s release on Netflix One of Harry and Meghan’s key aides has resigned ahead of the release of the documentary Mandana Dayani, 40, resigned as Archewell boss this weekend She is one of several high profile personalities to leave the … Read more

The loss of HLN marked the end of companion television

Here’s Media Winter again, and it’s getting ugly. It seems as if every news giant is shrinking by 2023 through year-end layoffs, hiring freezes, or Dickensian austerity. Text threads and Slack channels are filled with goodbyes and expressions of uncertainty about the future. Industry veterans will tell you they expected these cuts around Christmas time. … Read more

Live HLN programming ends as part of CNN as part of layoffs and budget cuts – Deadline

Updated: Some major cuts in CNN take place on HLN, which will discontinue live programming, while True Crime Line will be combined with Investigation Discovery to produce the true crime slate. Simultaneous broadcast of CNN this morning will replace HLN Morning Express with Robin MeadeAccording to a source familiar with the plans. Meade leaves the … Read more

It’s a very happy Bonkers Christmas movie

screenshot: Disney I do not know why Muppets I love Christmas so much, but they sure do. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and his expanded Muppet cast of characters have made nearly a dozen holiday specials, along with a TV feature film and a theatrical film. The latter is A Muppet Christmas CarolOne of the … Read more