Treasury Report Finds Cryptocurrency Could Undermine US Financial Stability

A report released Monday by the Treasury Department found that the prices of government-backed cryptocurrencies are mostly determined by market speculation and do not have much of an economic reality to back them up. As such, the report warned that they could threaten the stability of the US financial system if they became too intertwined … Read more

New plan to increase life expectancy for people with serious mental illness

Evidence and policy recommendations to improve the physical health care and life span of people with serious mental illness appear in a Special Supplement to the Australian Medical Journal (MJA), published today. People with serious mental illness up to 20 years die prematurely from mostly preventable physical health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, smoking-related respiratory disease, … Read more

Increase insurance coverage to protect yourself and your family from common challenges

Part of the value of the law is helping citizens avoid many legal problems. The best legal problems are the ones that never happen. Here are two of the main challenges — and affordable steps to avoiding the long-term financial impact on your family because of them. Long Term Care Insurance Many of us will … Read more

On government spending, Congress decides not to make a decision

Congress is supposed to complete annual appropriations bills before the fiscal year begins on October 1. But it rarely happens, and this year is no different, as lawmakers scramble to pass a short-term funding bill so they can delay the final project. Decisions until at least December. Meanwhile, focusing on the midterm elections, House Republicans … Read more

The latest flimsy excuse to hold up a Medicaid expansion

Photo: Adobe Stock Nearly a decade ago, North Carolina ditched billions of federal dollars, prevented thousands of good jobs from being created, closed many rural hospitals and, most alarmingly, condemned thousands of uninsured people to premature death by refusing to take the 38 approach. Another state in expanding Medicaid. As dozens of North Carolina experts, … Read more