3 Mental Health Reasons That Ban Religious Fasting

People of various faiths, such as Judaism, Islam, Christianity, or Hinduism, participate in fasting—temporarily abstaining from eating and sometimes drinking—as part of their religious practice as a means of repentance, purification, or self-discipline. In addition to the religious and cultural significance of fasting, some people experience mental benefits of fasting as well. Some observational studies … Read more

A study has found that folic acid may help reduce the risk of suicide

A recent study that investigated folic acid intake was associated with a decrease in suicide attempts. More than 12 million adults have contemplated suicide — 1.2 million have already attempted their own, in 2020, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Researchers found that people who had a prescription for folic … Read more

Native American communities prioritize culture and recruitment for mental health treatment

The shortage of Native American mental health doctors is a professional and personal issue Mary Owen. “I myself have struggled with depression since high school,” said Owen, a Duluth Native American physician and associate dean of Indigenous health at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. Owen, a member of the Tlingit Nation, grew up … Read more

Rippl Care CEO: ‘Our system is not ready’ to provide mental health care for the elderly

According to Chris Engskov, the US health care system is not prepared to take care of a growing elderly population and the mental health challenges that come with that. That’s why he started Rippl Care. As CEO and co-founder, Engskov leads a startup that seeks to combine highly specialized care, technology, and home services to … Read more

Obsessive-compulsive disorder program at Bradley Hospital holds children and families reunion

East Territory – Manny Padilla was about 8 years old when he started experiencing symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. “I’m starting to have a lot of anxiety and I’m going to be like vomiting, have stomach pains, nosebleeds, all that stuff,” he said. “I thought there was something physical wrong with me. I thought I had … Read more

It helps harness creativity and support mental health in a safe space at NJ Pride

Leticia Viloria started the virtual class with questions, some laughs, and a different task for each of the 16 participants. “Create a story using only the words you’ve composed,” Viloria told one of the participants. Another told, “Say hi or introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.” She encouraged everyone on the Zoom call to … Read more

Shades of Blue Project Promotes Mother’s Mental Health, Offers Free Support Services

Kay MatthewsThe world was turned upside down nearly 10 years ago when she lost her daughter in childbirth. The Houston native said she was lonely in her grief as she struggled to find people who would listen to her and believe what she was experiencing. “My daughter was stillborn, and no one was making a … Read more