One day, you may be able to eat your way out of the cold

When it comes to curing disease with food, quackery goes too far. Over the centuries, raw garlic has been touted as a home remedy for everything from chlamydia to the common cold. The Renaissance included cures for the plague Figs soaked in hyssop oil. During the 1918 influenza pandemic, Native Americans Onion wolf or raucous … Read more

We need ancient willpower to lose weight – not government intervention

When Michael Gove declared that the people of this country had “enough experts,” his political opponents were at odds with him. Looking back, though, I think he might have had a point. Because there is a certain breed of expert that I can’t stand. Nutrition experts. I’m sure they are just trying to help. But … Read more

Why you need to prioritize protein in your breakfast

Leslie Beck, a Toronto-based private dietitian, is Medcan’s Director of Food and Nutrition. Follow her on Twitter @tweet You probably know the benefits of eating enough protein. The required nutrient supports muscle building, immune health and wound healing, to name a few of its vital functions. However, you may not think much when you are … Read more

A healthy lifestyle — especially a nutritious diet — appears to slow memory decline in older adults

Marcus Aurelius on Pexels A 10-year study of Chinese adults over the age of 60 showed that a healthy lifestyle, particularly a nutritious diet, is associated with slowing memory decline in the elderly. Published in The BMJ, the major new research shows that the benefits of healthy living are seen even in those who have … Read more

Health benefits of pulses in your diet

We have been living with pulses for a long time, and they are the most widely used food around the world. With such a wide variety of pulses around, they have a special nutritional importance. The health benefits of pulses have been proven due to their content of protein, fiber, and all the vital vitamins … Read more

Daily habits for a flat stomach are very easy

This year, you may have one fitness goal in mind: adding flat-stomach daily habits to your routine. trim your waist And getting in shape is a necessary step to take to improve your overall health. to me Johns Hopkins MedicineA large belly is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain types … Read more