Do you have what it takes to reduce your cancer risk?

Jana Marshall, LPN, Genetics NavigatorTonya Markle, RN FNP-cDonna M. Westermann, RN ACNP-cs The first step to answering this question is understanding your risks. Augusta Health’s Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention program provides people with the opportunity to explore and understand their own personal answers to this question. Cancer Facts and Figures, 2022 (A publication of … Read more

Wyoming’s 29 Wildlife Habitat Management Areas close each winter to reduce stress on animals and forage

Casper, WW. Winter closures are implemented annually in 29 Wyoming Wildlife Habitat Management Areas to protect animals and their wintering ranges, according to the Wyoming Department of Fish and Game. “Seasonal closures are essential to reduce stress-causing disruptions to winter deer, elk, bighorn sheep and other wildlife,” said Ray Breedhoft, Head of Habitat and Access … Read more

Farmers urge UK government to fund hedge creation to boost biodiversity | green policy

Farmers are urging the government to include hedge creation in the Nature Friendly Agricultural Subsidy Scheme in a bid to increase biodiversity. Details about the post-Brexit replacement of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy have been scarce, with land managers simply told they will be paid for providing “public goods” such as nature protection. More than … Read more

The researchers loosen the pre-harvest plant in irrigation

Photo: Rice sprouting occurred before harvesting in different provinces of China in 2020 Opinion more Credit: IGDB Seed dormancy is an important survival tool for plants because it allows them to weather conditions that are not conducive to survival. At the same time, excessive dormancy may reduce the planting time. In response, farmers often grow … Read more

The lame duck congress can act unified to protect the abundant wildlife

For decades American hunters have proven how to protect the great outdoors. Duck hunters, in particular, have been successful in preserving our nation’s wetland habitats–from the coastal swamps of the Chesapeake Bay to the prairie pits of the Dakota to the rich wetlands of California’s Central Valley. Figures from the latest release Report of the … Read more

view | Want to save the planet? Focus on wild cats.

Comment on this story Suspension John Goodrich is the chief scientist for Panthera, the global organization for the protection of wild cats. Global biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate, with more than a million species threatened with extinction. This week, the governments of most of the world’s nations will gather at COP15 – the … Read more