Farmers urge UK government to fund hedge creation to boost biodiversity | green policy

Farmers are urging the government to include hedge creation in the Nature Friendly Agricultural Subsidy Scheme in a bid to increase biodiversity. Details about the post-Brexit replacement of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy have been scarce, with land managers simply told they will be paid for providing “public goods” such as nature protection. More than … Read more

Young workers prefer to work in companies with climate change policies

BOSTON — Despite a labor shortage desperately looking to hire and an economy wreaking havoc on bank accounts, young people are increasingly reluctant — or outright opposed — to working for a company that doesn’t have climate-friendly policies. The cultural shift in attitudes from previous generations shows that Gen Z and millennials are taking more … Read more

A record number of plastic juices have been found on beaches as environmental groups call for stricter laws | world News

More trenches are being found on beaches than ever before as environmental groups are calling for legislation to classify them as marine pollutants, so they are subject to stricter regulations during handling and transportation. Nurdles are small pellets of plastic that industry uses to produce nearly all of our plastic products, but factory and cargo … Read more

Canada accused of putting the timber trade ahead of the global environment | Canada

The Canadian government has been accused of putting the domestic timber industry ahead of the global environment, after a leaked attempt to ease the world’s most ambitious regulations on deforestation-free trade. Weeks before the United Nations Conference on Biological Diversity, Cop15 in Montrealthe host country has sent a letter to the European Commission requesting a … Read more

Alpine villages produce their own power

Globally, this imbalance between the number of small factories and their total output is similar. represent young plants An estimated 91% of all hydroelectric facilities, but it only constitutes 11% of hydroelectric power production. However, they are It has experienced a boom all over the world In recent years – as well as prof A … Read more