Freeze Across the South: Darkness is the new normal

Darkness has become the new normal. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their power as a Blizzard days I snuck across Texas this week. Ice storm warnings continue to extend east into the Tennessee Valley, threatening to leave more communities in the dark before freezing temperatures overnight. Just a few years ago, such widespread … Read more

California has cut off major cities in the Southwest off the waters of the Colorado River, sources said, before touching down on its agricultural supplies

CNN – In closed negotiations last week On the fate of the Colorado RiverRepresentatives from California’s strong water districts have proposed modeling what the basin’s future would look like if some of the West’s largest cities — including Phoenix and Las Vegas — were cut off from river water supplies, three people familiar with the … Read more

Auckland floods: City clean-up begins after ‘biggest weather event’ in New Zealand history | Oakland

Insurers say devastating floods in Auckland were the ‘biggest weather event’ in New Zealand’s history, as rain eases after days of precipitation And the process of cleaning the city has begun. Friday was the wettest day on record for New Zealand’s largest city, as torrential rain sent floodwaters sweeping into streets and down highways, killing … Read more

Every household in England ‘should be within 15 minutes of green space or water’ | Access to green spaces

Each family will be within a 15-minute walk of a Green space or waterunder a major environmental improvement plan for England laid out by the government on Tuesday. The long-awaited measures will include commitments to restore at least 500,000 hectares (1.2 million acres) of wildlife habitat, and 400 miles of river. This will include 25 … Read more

Is there hope for a dying river in Kenya’s growing capital?

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – Vultures search for dead animals along a river and diverted sewage canal in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Its waters turn from clear to black as it traverses informal settlements and industrial hubs. The river and its tributaries cross Kibera, known as Africa’s largest slum with a population of nearly 200,000, and other … Read more

How to find sustainable travel companies

People said that the epidemic was their creation They want to travel more responsibly In the future. New data now suggests that they do. According to a report published in January by the World Travel and Tourism Council and Group: Almost 60% of travelers have chosen more sustainable travel options in the past two … Read more

When a new type is entered incorrectly.

A conservation researcher responds to Tory Bush’s bookBig feet. “ I was once talking with an environmental historian who made a comment that stuck in my mind: Humans are a species Homo Tinkerus. Their point was that self-control is difficult for people, especially in our environment—we like to change things up. Historically, these interventions have … Read more