Do you have what it takes to reduce your cancer risk?

Jana Marshall, LPN, Genetics NavigatorTonya Markle, RN FNP-cDonna M. Westermann, RN ACNP-cs The first step to answering this question is understanding your risks. Augusta Health’s Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention program provides people with the opportunity to explore and understand their own personal answers to this question. Cancer Facts and Figures, 2022 (A publication of … Read more

The researchers loosen the pre-harvest plant in irrigation

Photo: Rice sprouting occurred before harvesting in different provinces of China in 2020 Opinion more Credit: IGDB Seed dormancy is an important survival tool for plants because it allows them to weather conditions that are not conducive to survival. At the same time, excessive dormancy may reduce the planting time. In response, farmers often grow … Read more

From Startup Feline Genetics to Pioneer of Pet Genetics: Kevin O’Leary’s All-Time Favorite Top Shark Product, Basepaws, Appears on Shark Tank With Big Updates

Los Angeles–(working wire) –passebothe brand that introduced the world’s first household products Breed + DNA test for healthy cats, was brought back to Shark Tank on ABC on Friday, December 2. This update marks the company’s third appearance on the show – a rarity for most brands – buoyed by Shark Kevin O’Leary’s recent comments … Read more

CEO spotlight: Andrea Reposati of Dante Labs

Andrea Reposati is world-renowned entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of Dante Labs, which he founded with Mattia Capulli seven years ago. Under the leadership of the Italian founders, the genomics and precision medicine company has made genome sequencing and analysis available to consumers, researchers, and medical practices worldwide. Dante Labs has seen an enormous level … Read more

Identification of genes that maintain neuronal health

Summary: Kinase enzymes are essential for neurons to perform autophagy. The researchers found that deletion of the genes encoding the kinases NDR1 and NDR2 impairs neuronal health and induces neurodegeneration in both young and old mice. source: Francis Crick Institute Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute have discovered that deletion of two genes encoding key … Read more

How technology handles food waste from farm to table

A third of food is wasted globally December 3, 2022 Read 5 minutes Ever since Susan Tifford began hunting for cheap food–chasing discounts as the expiration date draws near–American retirees have slashed their grocery bills and made a virtue out of bargain-hunting. Now when Tiford needs groceries, she simply checks the Flashfood app, which lists … Read more

Fulgent Genetics, Inc. sells (NASDAQ:FLGT) COO $23,557.15 In Stock

Fulgent Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq: FLGT – Get the rating) operation manager Jian Xie He sold 685 shares of the company’s stock in a transaction on Wednesday, November 30. The stock was sold at an average price of $34.39, for a total value of $23,557.15. Following the transaction, the COO now directly owns 430,074 shares of … Read more

Postdoctoral researcher position in the epigenetics of complex diseases and traits with the University of Helsinki

FIMM is currently seeking outstanding candidates for a position Postdoctoral researcher in the Epigenetics of Complex Diseases and Traits group a description: Genetic genetics of complex diseases and traits The research group led by Minna Oleikainen is focused on understanding epigenetic variation and its relationship to complex traits and diseases, such as smoking, alcohol use, … Read more