An IU professor provides insight into the evolution of stars

As scientists’ understanding of the origins of the universe expands, IU Associate Professor Constantine Dilianis is working to explain inconsistencies with current models of star evolution in new research. Most astronomers today say that our universe emerged in a violent explosion known as the Big Bang, about 13.8 billion years ago. The whole universe was … Read more

Spot the King of the Planets: Watch for Jupiter | Environment

Jupiter is the undisputed king of the planets in our solar system! Jupiter is bright and easy to spot from our vantage point on Earth, aided by its massive size and reflective cloud tops and streaks. Jupiter even has moons the size of planets: Ganymede, the largest of them, is larger than Mercury. What’s more, … Read more

A previously unknown phase transition in the early universe

Newswise – consider bringing a pot of water to a boil: When the temperature reaches the boiling point, bubbles form in the water, burst and vaporize as the water boils. This continues until there is no more phase change of water from liquid to vapor. This is roughly the idea of ​​what happened in the … Read more

Whispers from Other Worlds NASA’s Search for Life in the Universe Thomas Zurbuchen and Nadia Drake

Thomas ZurbuchenRetired Director of the Directorate of Scientific ThesisNASA Nadia DrakeScience journalist Sponsored by the IP Law Firm of MWZB, PC Whether life exists beyond Earth is among the most exciting – and most difficult – mysteries that science can solve. For thousands of years, humans have wondered if we are alone in the universe, … Read more

Doubles the search for distant JWST galaxies

Many obstacles must be overcome in search of the first galaxies in the universe. Over the course of 50 days, with a total of more than 2 million seconds of total observation time (equivalent to 23 full days), the Hubble Deep Field (XDF) was created from part of a previous Hubble Ultra-Deep Field image. By … Read more

How did solar energy become the cheapest source of energy on the planet?

The roots of the solar epic go back to ancient times. There is a general perception in today’s world that using solar energy for our needs is a contemporary concept, but before civilizations used fossil fuels for heating and electricity, people relied on the energy of the sun. The sun has been worshiped as the … Read more

Creation of the Universe According to Srimad Bhagavatam | Sarpath

According to Srimad Bhagavatam, the universe was created by the Lord, Sri Krishna, through the process of cosmic emergence. The creation process begins with the Lord’s desire to create, and from that desire, material energy, known as maya, is activated. This material energy then condenses to form mahat-tattva, the total physical energy, from which the … Read more