Do exoplanet scientists have favorite exoplanets?

Exoplanets have become such a sensation over the past decade and more that scientists have regularly confirmed the existence of new exoplanets thanks to NASA’s Kepler and TESS missions, along with the James Webb Space Telescope recently examining exoplanets’ atmospheres as well. Because of these discoveries, exoplanet science has turned into an exciting field of … Read more

crops in space

Newsswise – Growing food in space is fraught with daunting challenges, including extreme environmental stressors like radiation and microgravity. Qingwu (William) Meng, assistant professor of controlled-environment horticulture at the University of Delaware, received an Early Career Achievement Grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to explore new ways to meet this challenge. Specifically, … Read more

Exactly when, where and how to see the “cold moon” rise next week and then suddenly destroy the red planet

A “cold” moonrise over downtown Los Angeles against the snowy San Gabriel Mountains in December … [+] 29, 2020. GC photos The final full moon of 2022 – the “cold moon” – will look at its brightest best next week when it rises exactly in the east as the sun sets in the west. For … Read more

Meteor detection technology can be used to find dark matter particles entering the atmosphere

Researchers from Ohio State University have come up with a new method for detecting dark matter, based on existing meteorite detection technology. By using ground-based radar to search for ionization pathways, similar to those produced by meteorites as they streak through the air, they hope to use Earth’s atmosphere as a high-volume particle detector. The … Read more

How the Flamingo Estate saves the planet with every shower

Flamingo Estate, California. Photo: attached. Flamingo Real Estate is a lot of things. A former haven of tactile pleasure, an urban farm, a laboratory for organic skincare that nourishes both body and planet, a magazine shoot location and even an impromptu restaurant for one night only thanks to a welcome misstep by Chrissy Teigan. But … Read more

How does Thanksgiving turkey affect our planet?

It’s almost Thanksgiving 46 million turkeys It would be killed and cooked for people’s dinner tables – the equivalent of the entire population of California. This is followed by another 22m on christmas and else 19 million at Easter. Turks have, for whatever reason, become a cultural staple on major holidays. But this dependence on … Read more

Europa wants to send a 50-pound rover to a small, exotic moon in the solar system

Japan and Germany They have a history of collaboration in scientific and technological endeavors. The countries have a joint committee for cooperation in science and technology that has met many times over the decades. Both countries have advanced and strong economies and advanced technical knowledge, so it is logical that they would cooperate in scientific … Read more

Study attempts to uncover the best land-to-ocean ratio for habitable exoplanets: ScienceAlert

Earth is about 29% land and 71% oceans. How important is this combination for habitability? What does it tell us about the habitability of exoplanets? There are very few places on Earth where life does not have a foothold. Multiple factors contribute to the overall habitability of our planet: abundant liquid water, plate tectonics, mass … Read more