6 Qubit processor control in silicon: ScienceAlert

Another record was broken on the way to full operation and capacity Quantum computersFull control of a 6 qubit processor made of silicon. The researchers describe it as a “key stepping stone” for the technology. Qubits (or quantum bits) are the quantum equivalents of classical computing bits, except that they can only process more information. … Read more

Exploring the plasma loading mechanism of radio jets from black holes

Credit: Tohoku University Galaxies, including our own Milky Way, host supermassive black holes at their centers, millions to billions of times more massive than the Sun. Some supermassive black holes release fast-moving plasma streams that emit strong radio signals, known as radio jets. Radio aircraft were first discovered in the 1970s. But there is still … Read more

Steady states of floating crystals

Animation of the growth of a floating crystal from N = 3 to N = 19 particles. The particles are added one by one to the surface of the liquid under the magnetic field. The attractive capillary forces are balanced by the repulsive magnetic forces. The assembly shows symmetry typical of atomic crystals. Credit: University … Read more

The designer claims that the nuclear-powered plane will fly at more than three times the speed of sound

Can we cross the Atlantic in an astonishing 80 minutes? The designer claims that the nuclear-powered plane will carry 170 passengers at more than three times the speed of sound The Hyper Sting concept was designed by Spanish designer Oscar ViƱals He said it could fly 170 passengers at more than three times the speed … Read more

After 17 years of research, a scientist has come up with one of the most important holy grails in physical chemistry

Absolute cross-sections scaled for each oxygen atom. The absolute cross-sections of each oxygen atom for a larger frequency band as derived from XAS measurements on fluidized proton complexes and on water in acetonitrile. attributed to him: Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2022). DOI: 10.1002 / ani.202211066 Professor Ehud Pines is considered an iconoclast. What else would … Read more

Full control of a six-qubit silicon quantum processor

The six-qubit processor described in this article. Qubits are created by adjusting the voltage on the red, blue, and green wires on the chip. The structures called SD1 and SD2 are very sensitive electric field sensors, which can even detect the charge of a single electron. These sensors, combined with advanced control systems, allowed the … Read more

Superconductivity model with 100,000 equations now contains only 4 thanks to AI: ScienceAlert

Electrons traveling through a mesh-like lattice do not behave like the pretty silver balls of a pinball machine. They blur and bend in group dances, following the whims of a wave-like reality that is hard to imagine, let alone compute. However, the scientists succeeded in doing just that, capturing the motion of electrons moving around … Read more