Opinion: Hallelujah moment for iPhone users everywhere

Editor’s note: Jeff Young Director of Research at the Institute for the Future and Head of the Digital Intelligence Lab. A frequent contributor to CNN Opinion, he co-hosts the “They Call Us Bruce” podcast, and he’s a co-author of the new book “RISE: A Pop History of Asian America from the 1990s to the present.” … Read more

As heating costs rise, so does the demand for utilities, firewood, and chimney sweeps in New Hampshire

Such as The high price of home heatingCommunity action agencies and lumber banks are preparing for a tough winter. Southwestern Community Services generally serves about 4,000 customers each year through their fuel assistance program. This year, they received 4,600 applications before the program technically opened Thursday, according to Keith Thibault, chief development officer. “What we’re … Read more

Bank of America sees AI transforming the internet over the next five years – top stocks going mainstream

Artificial intelligence will be a catalyst for big tech stocks in the next five years, according to Bank of America. The sector took a beating in 2022 thanks to macro factors, including inflation and rising interest rates. The heavy Nasdaq Composite is down 25% this year, compared to the S&P 500’s drop of nearly 12%. … Read more

Thailand is betting on 5G smart factories for future growth

Thailand has built a strong manufacturing industry with access to low cost materials and labor in recent decades. But it is through technology that the country hopes to maintain and sustain its comparative advantage. The electronics and automotive industries have been major factors in the growth of Thai manufacturing. Motorcycle enthusiasts know that the famous … Read more

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the future of entertainment

Conceptual background of artificial intelligence, humans and e-business in programming … [+] 3d illustration technology element GT With the emergence and unprecedented success in use Artificial intelligence and machine learning Across social media, offering customized video and photo content to their users, the question is quickly emerging as to when it will be positioned in … Read more

ChatGPT Explained: Why OpenAI’s chatbot is so amazing

There’s a new AI robot in town: chat. And you better watch out. The tool, from a powerful AI trigger, allows you to type questions using natural language that a chatbot answers in conversational, if somewhat adaptive, language. The bot remembers your thread of dialogue, using previous questions and answers to inform its next answers. … Read more

Brother ADS-3300W Wireless High Speed ​​Desktop Scanner Review

I think we’ve reviewed a lot of the Brother desktop Document scanners Recently? You’re not shooting it: The company recently released five models of its sheet-feed system, incl ADS-4300NThe ADS-4700Wand the ADS-4900 watts, which was crowned our Editors’ Choice award among large-format network scanners. Today’s entry, the ADS-3300W High-Speed ​​Wireless Desktop Scanner ($369.99), costs $20 … Read more

Poll: Support for unspecified US aid to Ukraine declines

Comment on this story Suspension The vast majority of Americans continue to support sending arms and economic aid to Ukraine, according to A The poll was released on Monday. But as the conflict dragged on into the winter, Americans were divided over whether Washington should push Ukraine for a negotiated peace as soon as possible. … Read more

The darkest parts of the internet

The new POLITICO Tech audio series explores the world of global cybercrime. | Sean Gallup / Getty Images And now, for something a little different: Today marks the launch Politico Techour new podcast about the politics and politics of technology. This afternoon I spoke with Politico’s Mohar Chatterjee, who kicked off the podcast with a … Read more

Balakrishnan Prabhakaran of UTD on Virtual Reality Technology for Phantom Limb Pain » Dallas Innovates

Computer scientists at the University of Texas at Dubai developed a phantom pain management system in collaboration with researchers at the North Texas Veterans Affairs Health Care System. [Photo: UTD] Dr.. Balakrishnan PrabhakaranProfessor of computer scienceUtah Dallas… to participate in the development of Mr. MAPP VR for amputees with phantom limb syndrome. Dean Petersona US … Read more