Thailand is betting on 5G smart factories for future growth

Thailand has built a strong manufacturing industry with access to low cost materials and labor in recent decades. But it is through technology that the country hopes to maintain and sustain its comparative advantage. The electronics and automotive industries have been major factors in the growth of Thai manufacturing. Motorcycle enthusiasts know that the famous … Read more

Balakrishnan Prabhakaran of UTD on Virtual Reality Technology for Phantom Limb Pain » Dallas Innovates

Computer scientists at the University of Texas at Dubai developed a phantom pain management system in collaboration with researchers at the North Texas Veterans Affairs Health Care System. [Photo: UTD] Dr.. Balakrishnan PrabhakaranProfessor of computer scienceUtah Dallas… to participate in the development of Mr. MAPP VR for amputees with phantom limb syndrome. Dean Petersona US … Read more

Loft Dynamics, formerly VRM Switzerland, raises $20 million to transform pilot training in virtual reality

The first-of-its-kind technology addresses the shortage of pilots worldwide, the growing demand for flight schools and the urgent need to reduce air pollution. Zurich And the San FranciscoAnd the December 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Loft Dynamics AGAnd the The creator of the world’s first and only virtual reality (VR) simulator authorized by a major aviation … Read more

Predicted Best VR/AR Winner

The year 2022 is finally over, and that can only mean one thing for the gaming industry: It is Game Awards time. Every year, industry veteran Jeff Keighley takes a few hours to celebrate the best titles of the past 12 months, and this year the categories stacked just right. While Elden ring And the … Read more

The College of Nursing at Kuwait University launches the “Metaversity” program, which offers immersive virtual learning | region

Kansas City, KS – As a kid growing up in California, Alejandra Buenrostro used to watch “The Magic School Bus” on TV. In the animated PBS series, Ms. Frizzle and her students board a special bus that can take them on science field trips to impossible places, including inside the human body. Now a BA … Read more

The Virtual Reality Zone takes center stage at the Red Sea International Film Festival

RIYADH: An electronic music festival described as one of the largest in the world, and a sign of the rapidly expanding entertainment scene in Saudi Arabia, has drawn hundreds of thousands of people to a remote desert area outside Riyadh over the past three days. The pioneers of the third edition of Soundstorm crowded the … Read more

Who are the leading innovators of Street View interfaces in the travel and tourism industry?

The travel and tourism industry remains a hotbed of innovation, with activity driven by a greater consumer desire for personalized offerings that heighten the traveler experience. The need to provide an experience has grown, with younger cohorts seeking more than vacation and growth trends such as transformational travel. This has put pressure on tourism and … Read more

Innovation is what we need for an accessible future – Microsoft News Center Canada

By Chris Barry, President, Microsoft Canada Dec. 3Research and development he is International Day of Persons with DisabilitiesIt is an annual moment to raise awareness of disability issues, promote inclusion, and embrace people of all abilities. Canada Statistics Reports indicate that one in five Canadians age 15 or older lives with one or more disabilities. … Read more

Research demonstrates the impact of virtual social training

Charisma 1.0 Avatar Maker. Participants have the option to customize their avatar within the virtual world to create a sense of authenticity. attributed to him: frontiers in virtual reality (2022). DOI: 10.3389/frvir.2022.1004162 New research from the BrainHealth Center at the University of Texas at Dallas shows that Charisma Virtual Social Coaching supports the development of … Read more