Chase Elliott wins the Talladega Punches Ticket to NASCAR Cup Round of 8

  • It was Chase Elliott’s fifth streak win this season, his 14th ever, and the second in Talladega, where his father Bill won twice between 1976 and 2012.
  • Sunday was the second of the three races in the Round of 12 in the Championship Playoff Series.
  • Twelve drivers remain eligible to win the cup, but the four lowest-ranked drivers will be disqualified after next weekend’s Charlotte race.

    If you listened very carefully late on a Sunday afternoon, you may have heard the legendary siren waiting with glee atop the historic Dawsonville Bullroom in northern Georgia.

    Chase Elliott, the second-generation domestic champ and NASCAR’s most famous driver, has just won another race in the Cup Series. As local tradition dictated for more than 40 years, this victory at the Talladega Superspeedway sounded just as siren as it did for his father, former champion Bill Elliott, during his two-decade Hall of Fame career.

    Chase, himself a former champion, won the Yellawood 500 by going from the inside-out line during the restart with three laps remaining. He got ahead of Eric Jones, who pushed him to the front, past low-line drivers Ryan Blaney and Michael McDowell. Elliott beat Blaney by 0.046 seconds, less than the length of the car. It was Elliot’s fifth win in the series this season, his 14th ever, and the second in Talladega, where his father won twice between 1976 and 2012.

    “Yes, it was the last two evil runs,” Elliott said. “I wasn’t too crazy about being at the bottom (on the last reboot). Luckily I turned Turn 2 off enough to slip in front of Erik. He gave me some great pushes. Obviously, my Chevy team partner is right there. I had enough running to get out. up front and staying far enough in front of Ryan to get that done.

    NASCAR Yellow Cup Series 500

    Chase Elliott’s win on Sunday was his fifth of the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series.

    Chris GraythenGetty Images

    “When we took the green on the last reboot, I thought my chance of winning was to be in the top lane…but it was definitely a risky move. I felt like we had collected quite a few stage points, which made me feel better to go there and try Giving myself a chance to win. I didn’t think I’d be able to win from the bottom (from the inside) with a few laps left. I went up there, Eric gave me a nice lap-and-a-half boost, and I was ahead enough to keep Ryan off the streak.”

    The fact that Elliott trusted fellow Chevy Jones driver to help out in the end was significant. “He was able to give me a really good push, and I don’t feel like I’ve done anything special,” Elliott said. “It was just good timing; he did a really good job and he deserves a lot of credit for that. I am so thankful he was so committed to me for the last lap and a half.

    “I have a lot of respect for Eric. I ran with him long enough to trust him not to change me in this situation. He definitely pushed us to the limit (smiling). It was a handful, but that’s kind of what you have to do in those scenarios. I thought it balanced out. that well “.

    McDowell, Ross Chastain, Denny Hamlin, Jones, rookie Todd Gilliland, Daniel Suarez, Austin Cendrick and Chase Briscoe completed the top 10 in the 188-lap race. Chastain and Aric Almirola (36 laps each), Blaney (31), Jones (23), and Hamlin (20) led all but a few laps. Elliott led only four times for 10 laps, and nothing was between lap 126 and the final lap, at 188. The race was surprisingly tamed – just one Big One crash – compared to most Talladega races.

    Sunday was the second of the three races in the Round of 12 in the Championship Playoff Series. Twelve drivers remain eligible to win the cup, but the four lowest-ranked drivers will be disqualified after next weekend’s Charlotte race.

    With Charlotte remaining in the round of 12, Elliott leads Blaney by two points. Chastain is six points behind, Hamlin is down 13, former champions Joey Logano and Larson are both behind with 16, Suarez with 22, Chase Briscoe on the cut streak, late with 34. Based on the tiebreak formula, Cendrick is also 34 points behind Elliott. right on the line.

    Pending a penalty appeal from Texas last month, William Byron ranked 10th, down 45 points. Christopher Bell is 67 below and Alex Bowman – who missed Talladega due to concussion issues – is 88 points behind.

    Sparks Xfinity Series 300

    Oct 01 Nascar Xfinity Series Playoff Sparks 300

    AJ Allmendinger won for the fourth time this season in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

    Sportswear IconGetty Images

    AJ Allmendinger Sam Mayer passed the checkered flag to win Saturday afternoon’s Sparks Xfinity Series 300 at the Talladega Superspeedway. It was Kaulig Racing’s first driver win in Talladega, his fourth this year (after victories at Indy, Portland and COTA), and his 14th at 88 Xfinity starts in 2006.

    The Allmendinger and Mayer swapped the lead three times under the span: Allmendinger on lap 111, Mayer with 112, and then Allmendinger on lap 113 by 0.012 seconds. Other than those two laps, the Allmendinger only advanced once, on lap 59. Austin Hill led the top 60 laps in the race, but finished 14th. For only the second time in series history, all 38 rookies were running at the finish, all but the One within four laps of the first lap.

    Landon Cassell, Ryan Sieg, Josh Berry, Parker Kligerman, Ty Gibbs, Daniel Hemric, Brandon Jones and Noah Gragson completed the top ten. The next five races will be held in Charlotte Roval, Las Vegas, Homestead and Martinsville before the championship race finale near Phoenix on November 5th.

    The win assured Allmendinger by advancing to the eighth round. He leads the rankings over Gragson, Gibbs, Hill, Berry, Justin Allgaier, Mayer, Sieg, Hemric, Riley Herbst, Jones and Jeremy Clements. With Charlotte, the final race in the round of 12, Hemrick, Herbst, Jones, and Clements under the eight-driver cutting line.

    NASCAR Global Series Chevy 250 . Camper Trucks

    NASCAR Camping Truck Series Chevy Silverado 250

    NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Matt DiBenedetto scored his first NASCAR National Series win.

    Shawn GardnerGetty Images

    Longtime NASCAR driver Matt DiBenedetto took his first National Series win in one of the strangest ways possible: He was declared the winner of the Camping World Truck Series race on Saturday afternoon without driving a single green-flagged lap.

    The shock-filled Chevy 250 ended up in a major crash nearing the start and finish line in overtime. Officials studied a video of the final lap to determine that Debenedetto was ahead when the final warning came on lap 95. Although Brett Holmes was ahead in the line, the race order was frozen on the warning, when Debenedetto was in the lead. Any changes to the correct path after the warning were irrelevant.

    Ben Rhodes finally took second place, followed by Holmes, Ryan Bryce, Christian Eckes, Hailey Deegan (her career best finish of 44 start), Chase Purdy, Colby Howard, Parker Kligerman and Tyler Ankrum. It was Di Benedetto’s first NASCAR victory in a total of 338 starts across the Cup Series, Xfinity and Camping World.

    The race was marred by a fiery accident at the start with Jordan Anderson’s engine breaking out while in fifth place. He darted toward the inner wall and began to untie as fires erupted from both sides. He was climbing the truck when it hit the inner wall. He was taken to the in-house medical center, then moved to the district hospital with second-degree burns to his neck, face, arm, hands and knees. He was treated and released to return home on Saturday evening.


    NASCAR Cup Series Race – 55th Annual YellaWood 500

    Talladega Superspeedway

    1. (16) Chase Elliott (P), Chevrolet, 188.

    2. (19) Ryan Blaney (P), Ford, 188.

    3. (29) Michael McDowell, Ford, 188.

    4. (6) Ross Chastain (p) Chevrolet 188.

    5. (3) Denny Hamlin (P), Toyota, 188.

    6. (12) Eric Jones, Chevrolet, 188.

    7. (34) Todd Gilliland #, Ford, 188.

    8. (14) Daniel Suarez (P) Chevrolet 188.

    9. (17) Austin Syndrick # (P), Ford, 188.

    10. (5) Chase Briscoe (P), Ford, 188.

    11. (33) Landon Castle (1) Chevrolet, 188.

    12. (9) William Byron (P), Chevrolet, 188.

    13. (20) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 188.


    15. (21) جاستن هايلي ، شيفروليه ، 188.

    16. (27) بوبا والاس (P) ، تويوتا ، 188.

    17. (1) كريستوفر بيل (P) ، تويوتا ، 188.

    18. (2) كايل لارسون (P) ، شيفروليه ، 188.

    19. (7) نوح جراجسون (ط) (ف) ، شيفروليه ، 188.

    20. (26) كايل بوش ، تويوتا ، 188.

    21. (28) كول كستر ، فورد ، 188.

    22. (25) ريكي ستينهاوس جونيور شيفروليه 188.

    23. (30) تاي ديلون شيفروليه 188.

    24. (18) براد كيسيلوفسكي ، فورد ، 188.

    25. (23) كريس بوشر ، فورد ، 188.

    26. (22) مارتن تروكس جونيور تويوتا ، 188.

    27. (11) جوي لوجانو (ف) ، فورد ، 188.


    29. (24) كيفين هارفيك ، فورد ، 187.

    30ـ (31) جاستن ألجاير (الأول) شيفروليه ، 186.

    31. (36) جي جي ييلي (ط) فورد 184.

    32. (37) كودي وير ، فورد ، 184.

    33. (35) بي جيه ماكليود (ط) فورد 182.

    34. (13) دانيال هيمريك (ط) شيفروليه كهرباء 180.

    35. (32) كوري لاجوي ، شيفروليه ، حادث ، 44.

    36. (15) هاريسون بيرتون # ، فورد ، حادث ، 23.

    37. (10) تاي جيبس ​​(ط) تويوتا حادث 23.

    متوسط ​​سرعة الفائز في السباق: 153.569 ميل في الساعة.

    وقت السباق: 3 ساعات ، 15 دقيقة ، 23 ثانية. هامش النصر: 0.046 ثانية.

    إشارات التحذير: 6 لمدة 25 لفة.

    تغييرات الرصاص: 57 من بين 17 سائقًا.

    قادة اللفة: جيم بيل (P) 0 ؛ أ. ألميرولا 1-2 ؛ ر. Chastain (P) 3-5 ؛ أ. ألميرولا 6-7 ؛ ر. Chastain (ص) 8-13 ؛ ه. جونز 14-15 ؛ ر. تشاستين (ف) 16 ؛ ه. جونز 17-20 ؛ ر. Chastain (ف) 21-22 ؛ هـ. جونز 23-25 ​​؛ ج. لاجوي 26 ؛ ك. بوش 27-29 ؛ د. سواريز (P) 30 ؛ ج. إليوت (ف) 31-33 ؛ د. سواريز (ف) 34 ؛ أ. الميرولا 35 ؛ د. هاملين (ف) 36-38 ؛ أ. الميرولا 39 ؛ د. هاملين (ص) 40-42 ؛ أ. الميرولا 43 ؛ د. هاملين (ف) 44-50 ؛ ج. كاستر 51-52 ؛ د. هاملين (ع) 53-55 ؛ و. بايرون (ف) 56 ؛ د. هاملين (ف) 57-59 ؛ ر. بلاني (ف) 60-61 ؛ م. تروكس الابن 62 ؛ ك. لارسون (ف) 63-64 ؛ إي. جونز 65-66 ؛ ر. بلاني (ف) 67-71 ؛ إي. جونز 72 ؛ أ. الميرولا 73-76 ؛ ت. جيليلاند # 77 ؛ إي. جونز 78 ؛ أ. ألميرولا 79-103 ؛ ت. ريديك 104-110 ؛ ك. لارسون (ف) 111-112 ؛ ت. ريديك 113-115 ؛ ك. لارسون (ف) 116 ؛ ت. ريديك 117 ؛ ك. لارسون (ف) 118-119 ؛ ج. إليوت (ف) 120-122 ؛ ل. Cassill (i) 123 ؛ ج. إليوت (ف) 124-126 ؛ إي. جونز 127 ؛ سي. بوشر 128 ؛ ر. شاستين (ف) 129-152 ؛ ر. بلاني (ف) 153-160 ؛ د. هاملين (ص) 161 ؛ ك. لارسون (ف) 162 ؛ ر. بلاني (ف) 163-168 ؛ إي. جونز 169 ؛ ر. بلاني (ف) 170 ؛ إي. جونز 171 ؛ ر. بلاني (ف) 172-179 ؛ إي. جونز 180-186 ؛ ر. بلاني (ف) 187 ؛ ج. إليوت (P) 188.

    ملخص القادة (السائق ، الوقت المتوقع ، الجولات): روس شاستين (P) 5 مرات لمدة 36 لفة ؛ أريك ألميرولا 7 مرات لمدة 36 لفة ؛ ريان بلاني (P) 7 مرات لمدة 31 لفة ؛ إريك جونز 10 مرات لمدة 23 لفة ؛ ديني هاملين (P) 6 مرات لمدة 20 لفة ؛ تايلر ريديك 3 مرات لمدة 11 لفة ؛ تشيس إليوت (P) 4 مرات لمدة 10 لفات ؛ كايل لارسون (P) 5 مرات لمدة 8 لفات ؛ كايل بوش 1 مرة لمدة 3 لفات ؛ دانيال سواريز (P) مرتين لمدة لفتين ؛ كول كستر مرة واحدة للفتين ؛ كوري LaJoie 1 مرة في لفة واحدة ؛ لاندون كاسيل (1) مرة واحدة لكل لفة ؛ مارتن تروكس جونيور مرة واحدة لكل لفة ؛ وليام بايرون (ع) مرة واحدة لكل لفة ؛ تود جيليلاند المركز الأول في لفة واحدة ؛ كريس بوشر مرة واحدة للفة واحدة.

    المرحلة رقم 1 العشرة الأوائل: 12،11،9،2،22،47،18،5،48،43

    المرحلة الثانية: العشرة الأوائل: 9،31،5،99،43،1،77،17،16،14

    ترتيب مباراة سلسلة كأس ناسكار

    1. * تشيس إليوت 3،103
    2. ريان بلاني 3،101
    3. روس شاستين 3097
    4. ديني هاملين 3090
    5. جوي لوجانو 3087
    6. كايل لارسون 3087
    7. دانيال سواريز 3081
    8. تشيس بريسكو 3069
    9. أوستن سيندريك 3069
    10. وليام بايرون 3058
    11. كريستوفر بيل 3036
    12. أليكس بومان 3015
      1. * مؤهلة للجولة الثامنة التي سيتم تحديدها بعد بنك أوف أمريكا روفال 400 في شارلوت موتور سبيدواي في 9 أكتوبر.

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