Christian Bale earned less than the makeup artist in American Psycho

The actor, 48, has gained fame for his roles in a host of successful films, including mechanicAnd the The Big ShortAnd – of course – all The Dark Knight triple.

But before all these movies came out, Christian starred in the iconic Mary Aaron movie American Psychowhich was released in the year 2000.

The movie was immediately a hit, making money 34 million dollars With a budget of $7 million. Meanwhile, Christian’s performance as the main character, Patrick Bateman, was most welcome.

And this overwhelming praise has continued to grow over the years, with American Psycho It is now considered an undeniable cult classic.

People can say whatever they want about Christian Bale. But to me, the guy will always be a legend for the way he played Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho” #HorrorFamily

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But it turns out that Christian who sat with him GQ Last week to contemplate the role, the “absolute minimum” legally allowed was paid despite playing the main character.

“They paid me the absolute minimum they are legally allowed to pay me,” he said, before explaining that his shared home at the time was being restored.

“I had a house that I was sharing with my dad and sister and it was restored,” he said. So the first thing was: ‘Holy crap.’ I should get a little money.”

Christian went on to reveal that the makeup artists on set were getting paid more than him, before recalling the time they laughed about the whole thing.

“I remember once I sat in the makeup trailer and the makeup artists were making fun of me because I was paid less than any of them,” he said.

“And so that was my motivation after that. It was just: ‘I got enough to not take back the house,’” he added.

Given that Christian was not only cast as the protagonist, but also starred in both Steven Spielberg sun empire And Gillian Armstrong little WomenMany fans of this revelation were shocked.

“Or are you telling me they paid less than the price of a Christian pall for an American psyche?” One person tweeted.

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Christian Bale’s latest minimum wage revealed American Psycho It is a reminder that everyone in the entertainment industry goes through hard times no matter how famous they are,” another wrote.

Christian Bale’s latest revelations about his minimum wage for American Psycho is a reminder that everyone in the entertainment industry goes through tough times no matter how “famous” they are.

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Others called the whole thing.”unfair” And the “sadarguing that Christian’s commitment to portraying the film’s hero was worth a much higher wage.

Elsewhere during the interview, Christian discussed how the role of Patrick Bateman was first offered to Leonardo DiCaprio.

In response to the interviewer’s claim that Leo was “ahead” of Christian for the role, The Dark Knight The actor said that “whatever role anyone gets” in Hollywood has been relayed by Leo beforehand.

“Look, to this day, what role anyone gets, it’s just because of [Leo’s] Christian said. “It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. It doesn’t matter how friendly you are with the directors.”

“All those people that I’ve worked with so many times, they offered him every one of these roles first. Right? One of those people told me that. So thank you Leo, because literally, he can choose whatever he does. Which is good for him, it is amazing “.

When asked if he had “taken it personally,” Christian confirmed he was “incredibly grateful” to be offered the role regardless.

“Do you know how grateful I am to get any damn thing? I mean, I can’t do what he’s doing. I don’t want the revelations he has either. And he does it pretty well. But I doubt everyone his age in Hollywood owes their careers to pass him on Which project is it,” he said.

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