City of Mobile launches a new SMS service for citizens

Mobile, Alaa. (andCity of Mobile has launched a new smart text messaging service to help Mobilians quickly get important information about city events, projects and services on their mobile phones.

TextMyGov uses the phone’s regular SMS message features to relay information to the city and provide updates about city events, projects, and services to residents. TextMyGov can answer many questions 24 hours a day and facilitate the submission of applications to City of Mobile.

“Not only will this service be vital when connecting with our neighbours, but it will also provide citizens with an opportunity to ask questions and get answers right on their mobile phone,” Council President CJ Small said in a press release.

Using smart texting technology, TextMyGov can recognize keywords and provide Mobilians with information about the service, department or event they need to know more about, according to the press release. For example, anyone with a question about trash collection can text Trash and immediately call in with information about trash collection methods, schedules, and rules from the City of Mobile website. Residents can also sign up for text updates on specific key projects and other areas of interest.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for Mobilians to get the information they need and keep track of things that affect their neighborhoods and businesses,” Mayor Sandy Stimpson said in the statement. “We have some major initiatives underway right now, and text updates are a simple and straightforward way to stay up to date with them.”

Mobile City officially launched TextMyGov this week. Anyone can start by sending “Hi” to (251) 220-2122. As we receive input from Mobilians, we will be working on modifications that will help the system answer questions more efficiently. We have already created several lists for specific notifications. Residents can sign up for those who use the guide below:

  • For general city updates, text MOBILE to 91896
  • For Twelve Mile Creek Notifications, text MOBILE12MILE to 91896
  • For Broad Street Notifications, text MOBILEBROAD to 91896
  • For District 1 City Council notifications, text MOBILECD1 to 91896
  • For District 2 City Council notifications, text MOBILECD2 to 91896
  • For District 3 City Council notifications, text MOBILECD3 to 91896
  • For District 4 City Council notifications, text MOBILECD4 to 91896
  • For Local City Council Notices 5, text MOBILECD5 to 91896
  • For City Council notifications for District VI, text MOBILECD6 to 91896
  • For District 7 City Council notifications, text MOBILECD7 to 91896
  • For general construction alerts, text MOBILECONSTRUCTION to 91896
  • For event notifications, text MOBILEEVENTS to 91896
  • For Mardi Gras notifications, text MOBILEMARDIGRAS to 91896
  • For mayor notifications, text MOBILEMAYOR to 91896
  • For McGregor Avenue notices, text MOBILEMCGREGOR to 91896
  • For Parks and Recreation Notices, text MOBILEPARKS to 91896
  • For Trash, Garbage and Recycling alerts, text MOBILESANITATION to 91896
  • For St. Louis Street Notifications, text MOBILESTLOUIS to 91896
  • For Texas Street Notices, text MOBILETEXAS to 91896
  • For Zeigler Boulevard notifications, text MOBILEZEIGLER to 91896
  • For Toulminville notifications, text MOBILETOULMINVILLE to 91896
(mobile city)
(mobile city)

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