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Shamar Greenwood joined the Workforce Genetics/BioBuzz team six months ago as a client success specialist. He hits the ground running, applies his skills to help the team, and takes on new assignments as they arise. Whether you’re coordinating a large meeting with clients, helping manage the BioBuzz storyboard or shooting, editing and delivering Awesome event videosFennel has been a great addition to the Working Genetics/BioBuzz family.

His responsibilities as a client success specialist are broad and varied, which fit his diverse skill set. Greenwood is the primary customer services contact for the company, serving as the main point of contact between sponsors, featured employers and talent search clients; His central role is to ensure strong communication between teams and strive to consistently deliver the best possible customer experience.

Greenwood was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and is still considered the home of Charm City. He’s a Morgan State University graduate, and to say his roots in Baltimore are deep is an understatement. But this is not unique to Workforce Genetics – mates Ezekiel KellyAnd the Chris FrioAnd the Adam Van Pavel They are also lifelong residents of the Baltimore area.

“I chose to join Workforce Genetics because the whole team is about building and growing communities. It was also a great opportunity to advance my career and learn new skills. It was important to me to join a progressive company that helps other progressive companies in the communities I visit daily,” Greenwood shared.

Shammar has been a great addition to our team. He brings tangible energy to everything he does and is truly fearless. Whether it’s running a meeting with a client, greeting and talking to people at an event, creating persuasive videos, or helping me with my business development work, he jumps right in, asks questions, and is very thoughtful when interacting with our team as well as the teams Adam Van stated Pavel, Head of Business Development.

“My passion is to help people and tell their stories. In my role, I get the opportunity to work with clients who are at the forefront of the life sciences industry who research and solve health issues that help ordinary people. As a client success specialist, I am able to help shine a light on our clients and be be their loudspeaker,” Greenwood added.

Workforce Genetics and its media arm, BioBuzz, build life science ecosystems and the broader communities in which they arise, whether it’s in the BioHealth Capital region (Maryland, VA, DC), Greater Philadelphia, or North Carolina’s Research Triangle. This includes creating great experiences for employers, job seekers and other important stakeholders within these centers.

“That really is the key to what we do here,” she stated Chris Frio, CEO of Workforce Genetics and founder of BioBuzz. “We are working to provide great experiences for life sciences job seekers and for employers in these communities. It could be a networking event at a local brewery, On-site recruitment event Featuring a team, he shares individual and corporate success stories and explains why a particular organization is a great place to work and grow.”

“We aim to build a community and our entire team gets that, including Shamir, who plays an important role in delivering great experiences for our partners and fans,” Fro added.

“I have really benefited a lot from helping our team make collisions between people or companies that they might never have communicated in any other way. Ultimately, a stronger life sciences community means improving or even saving patients’ lives. It feels great and I know that is what drives Our team is forward every day,” Greenwood added.

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