Concerns grow over rise in San Francisco crime hurting business

There are fears in San Francisco crime high Negatively affects the business of the city.

Hamid Moghadam, CEO of the San Francisco-based company Real estate company Prologis, was robbed outside his home at gunpoint in broad daylight in June. He then sent a message to city and state officials about the incident. The letter, seen by FOX Business, called on government leaders to “take action on crime in our city.”

“It is difficult for me now to tell potential candidates that I should move to them San FranciscoHe wrote: “We pay some of the highest taxes, local and state, in the nation, yet we have no sense of security.

“Protecting public safety must be a government’s top priority – and this is the foundation for a successful city. Only in a society where people feel that they and their families are safe will jobs and culture thrive.”

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the Golden Gate Bridge

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Moghadam, who is also a board member of the Bay Area Council, added that he was “extremely concerned” that the city might be “so far down the path toward a decline from which we may never recover — or at least not for a long time.”

The total number of crimes in San Francisco as of September 18 is up 8% from last year, to me Statistics from the San Francisco Police Department. Crimes in the city that have seen increases from last year include rape, robbery, assault, carjacking and theft.

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Moghadam has concerns about the safety of his employees and the possibility of companies being fired or prevented from relocating to the city, he recently told KPIX.

Jim Wonderman, CEO of the Bay Area Council, told FOX Business that one of the reasons workers in the city don’t want to return to the office from remote work is the “perception around crime.”

“It is not the only thing, but it is one of the things, and as we think of it Restore a vibrant economy What we want here, we have to tackle the crime issue.”

Wunderman said he believes there is a perception that “almost anything can happen anywhere. You can walk down the street doing your own business, and someone can attack you.” He said he thought the “image” was somewhat “exaggerated” and “exaggerated”.

Uber in San Francisco

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“I get all kinds of San Francisco jokes when I travel around the world,” a presenter told KPIX. “It’s almost embarrassing, that’s the perception. And that affects tourism and business.”

In late August, the Castro Merchants Association called on city leaders to “take action” on crime, homelessness and other issues affecting San Francisco County, threatening to stop paying taxes and fees, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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The crime is “on the minds” of the city’s business and public, Wonderman said.

“I know it’s not unique to San Francisco or the Bay Area, but it’s not at a level that we accept, and we need to work on escalating it,” said Wonderman.

San Francisco Mayor’s Office She told FOX Business that Mayor London Breed “is focused on making San Francisco a place where people want to live, do business and work”. The bureau cited Breed’s budget, which included funding to fill 200 police officer positions, and new regulations aimed at curbing the stolen goods market and giving police better access to live footage of investigations.

Eye dynasty too Attorney General Brock Jenkinswhich “takes a more aggressive stance on public safety, including holding repeat perpetrators to account, targeting outdoor drug markets and tackling thefts,” the mayor’s office said.

The city’s murder rate remains “close to historic lows,” but there is still “much work to be done on property crime and other public safety issues,” according to the mayor’s office.

In addition, Breed has funded a study conducted by the Bay Area Council and KPMG to research the effects of covid-19 pandemic in the downtown area that the mayor’s office said would “lead to recommendations for actions San Francisco can take in order to support its economic health, including in strategic recruitment sectors.” They said they are also looking at possible incentives and tax structures that could be modified.

“Our work ahead of us is to promote San Francisco’s image as a safe, clean, desirable and fun city, and some of that has eroded,” Wonderman said. “If we don’t, I think it will have a future impact on business in San Francisco and in the region as well.

San Francisco skyline

An aerial view of the San Francisco city skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge on October 28, 2021. (Reuters/Carlos Parilla/Reuters Photo)

“At the end of the day, this is still a really cool place,” he added. “Our job is to ensure that the problems we have are addressed, and that’s what we do.”

Business leaders in other cities have raised concerns about the crime.


In a speech delivered Wednesday at the Economic Club in Chicago, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempinski He said rising crime and other tough economic conditions have made it more difficult to attract employees to the Chicago-based company. He said the crime made employees reluctant to report to the office and helped drive other businesses out of town.

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