Courant MAG: 2 Sculpted Dual Charger – Review

Premium Apple accessory maker currant newly Launched Her latest charger as an older brother and up Mag: 1. Mag: 2 It features MagSafe compatibility with a metal and simple sculptural leather or plastic design and soft-touch fabric. This is what I discovered after hands-on with this unique dual charger.

Courant Mag: 2 Specs

  • MagSafe Compatible Top Wireless Charger for iPhone (7.5W Output)
  • Premium pebbled Italian leather for the classics, high-performance Belgian linen for the essentials
  • Qi wireless charger on the bottom for AirPods or other devices (5W output, non-magnetic)
  • 3 colors For Linen Mag: 2 Basics, 5 color options MAG skins: 2 classics
    • coal, camel and natural for the first; Black, ash, saddle, cortado, and bones for the latter
  • Color-matched nylon-braided USB-C cable; The power adapter is also in the box
  • price $100 dollars$150 (Look for an offer of 15% off your first purchase)

Mag: 2 materials and construction

When it comes to the aesthetics of the MAG:2, Courant says, “This unique design is inspired by home décor and blends seamlessly into any room in your home.”

Courant MAG: 2 backside

I tested the ash (dark grey) color of Mag: 2 classics. It uses Italian grain leather with a beautifully matte zinc alloy frame.

As I’ve experimented with other Courant products, I’ve found that the MAG:2 offers excellent build quality with great attention to detail.

The pebbled leather gives a nice visual feel but is still clean and sharp. The matte zinc alloy looks great and nicely complements the unique sculptural design of MAG:2 and premium leather.

Courant MAG: 2 in use

Courant MAG: Side View 2

you know the Samsung Frame TV It can display great digital artwork so you don’t always have to look at a black box on your wall when it’s not in use? I feel Courant’s MAG:2 is the equivalent of an iPhone/AirPods charger.

Lots of MagSafe chargers on the market share the same uninspiring design, and I love that Courant has made his own way. Mag: 2. It looks like a sharp little sculpture that can blend well with a variety of styles in homes, offices, and more while still providing handy functionality.

I think it looks great whether or not you use it to charge your iPhone and AirPods.

Although it doesn’t have an official MagSafe connection for 15W wireless charging, I’m usually not in a rush to charge during the day I use the MAG:2.

However, while the design, materials and construction are certainly excellent and I think the overall experience is great, there are some constructive criticisms/traffices that are worth mentioning with the MAG:2.

constructive ideas

  • With the clean and unique design comes a fixed magnetic charger for iPhone, so no angle adjustments can be made
    • I found the angle to be well suited for Face ID, FaceTime/Video calling, and general use on desks – especially when sitting. But it is a bit steep for things like use in the kitchen where you stand on your worktop.
  • I would have loved to see Courant use a magnetic wireless charger for the bottom pad instead of a Qi pad without magnets
  • Non-slip bandages work decently, but they are only located at the bottom of the circular part. Adding rubber pads to the front of the tire’s underside might be a nice way to provide a stronger grip

Courant MAG: 2 Conclusion

Overall, Courant MAG:2 offers such a unique design with great materials and user-friendly functions. As long as you love the aesthetic and don’t mind skipping the official MagSafe or tunability of your iPhone, I think you’ll be very happy with this dual charger.


  • Premium Italian leather or Belgian designer linen
  • Unique sculptural design
  • Power cable and bricks included


  • Compatible with MagSafe, not official MagSafe, so iPhone wireless charging is limited to 7.5W
  • iPhone charger not adjustable
  • The bottom charger for AirPods etc. is not magnetic

Looking at everything above, I give the Courant MAG: 2 a rating of 4/5.

You can get MAG: 2 Essentials or Classic directly from Courant for a price $100 dollars$150.

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