Curlin Colt on top as Keeneland powers in Book 3

LEXINGTON, Kentucky — The annual Keneland Sale for September may have taken a day off on Friday, but the auction didn’t lose any of its momentum when bidding returned for the first two third book sessions on Saturday in Lexington. colt kerlin Step another competitive session on sale for $900,000 to the BSW/Crow Colts partnership. For the course, 287 kids totaled $50,747,500. The average session was $176,821 – up 5.69% from last year’s session – and the average rose 3.7% to $140,000.

Within five days, 956 heads were sold for $287,737,500. The median is $300,981, up 9.03% from the same point in last year’s auction, and the median is up 12.5% ​​to $225,000. The buyback rate is 24.67%. It was 28.82% at this point in 2021.

Saturday’s session began on a familiar note when Jacob West, bidding on behalf of the ubiquitous Ripoll stables, signed the same horse through the ring, and by the end of the session Mike Ripoll’s name was on tickets for the entire 67th sale for a total of $25,420,000.

St. Elias Stables, a partner in many of this week’s Repole purchases, was named on 44 tickets for a total of $18,210,000. Bloodstock agent Michael Wallace was a four-year-old purchased for Operation Vinnie Viola on Saturday, led by a $725,000 Omaha Beach son.

“Obviously we were a big part of the market, but it was incredibly strong across the board and we didn’t have it all our own way either,” Wallace said on Saturday. “Everyone still has a lot of horses to try and people still have a lot of money in their pockets. I think what we’ve seen here is pressure in the market and we’ll see that today and tomorrow and maybe next week. Maybe if you had asked me three weeks ago, would it be like that? Strength, I would say no. But after seeing Book 1 and knowing that people were pushed back the next day, it would have always ended like this.”

Woods Edge Farm owned by Peter O’Callaghan continued to generate strong results in the sales ring in Keeneland. The operation sold 10 horses on Saturday for $2,787,500, led by Aruget for $700,000.

“The market is excellent, but you have to be good,” O’Callaghan said. “It is very difficult for breeders and pickers to raise or buy a very nice foal. So when we have one, it is a pleasure to be rewarded like this. Because believe me, we go through enough unqualified. When everything falls into place, it is That’s a lot of fun, but there’s also a lot of convenience involved.”

O’Callaghan continued to see polarization in the market, with major buyers all landing on the same horses.

“Everyone is very selective about what they want,” he said. “They really know what they want. Most of these guys are almost on most of the same horses. They can’t all buy the same things. They win one, lose one, and they just have to keep going. They want to buy in the top 10% of every session. And so these horses are in great demand.” And they sell very well, but the following horses don’t make the headlines.”

The Keeneland September sale runs through Saturday with sessions starting daily at 10am

The BSW/Crow partnership extends to kerlin pistol

BSW/Crow Colts Group/Spendthrift/Gandharvi made the largest Keeneland sale to date when it went to $900,000 for coal before kerlin (hip 1232). A year-to-year elm farm was sent as an agent to his breeder, Barbara Bank on Stonestreet Street.

“It was very difficult to buy this type of horse,” Brad Weisbord admitted after signing the ticket at the age of one. “Obviously we stretched a little.”

High-profile colt-buying partnerships between Mike Repole and Vinnie Viola and SF/Starlight/Madaket dominated the market in Keeneland this week. That dominance forced Weisbord and the team to adjust their approach on Saturday.

We try to buy it a little cheaper, but Liz [Crow] And the [Spendthrift’s] Ned [Toffey] We keep moving forward, and that’s what we’ve done,” Weissboard said. “We try to stay in the $500,000-$600,000 range, but for us he was the best colt today, so we stretched a little bit. All the stars lined up. We hope to see him next year at the big races.”

Hip 1232 is out of Tangere (Malibu Moon), half-sister to first-class winners Tara’s Tango (Unbridled Song) and Visionaire (Grand Slam). 9-year-old mare, in foal for hard to weavesold for $52,000 at this year’s Kenland Sale in January.

The BSW/Crow Colts group now bought 11 years through five sessions of a 12-day auction for a total of $4,840,000.

McElroy Strikes for Bolt d’Oro Colt

Bloodstock agent Ben McElroy, bidding on behalf of an undisclosed client, obtained a colt from Bolt d’Oro (hip 1320) for $775,000 in the middle of the Saturday session from the September Kenland sale. The yearling, sent by Hill ‘n’ Dale Sales Agency on behalf of breeder George Krikorian, is out of Beautified (Congrats) and is a half-brother of 2021 GI Del Mar Debutante runner-up Dance to the Music (Maclean’s music).

“It’s by Bolt Douro, who got off to a very good start,” McIlroy said of the year’s allure. “He’s already had a graded-risk winner and several winners, both in Europe and at Saratoga. He just wins on all the top tracks and it looks like the farther they go, the better they get.”

Dance to the Music sold for $575,000 after a : 10 apartments Work in Apr OBS sale last year.

“I remember this colt’s sister at the sale at two years old,” McIlroy said. “She was a really nice filly who was amazing. I remember when she broke her first baby in Del Mar, she was very impressive and then she was second in the Del Mar Debutante. That gave us some extra confidence. We really believed in what the mare had thrown so far.”

McElroy said he’s seen an increased focus on father power in the sales loop in recent years.

“I think, for those who are by the right staff and the vet, it’s very powerful,” he said of the market. “Obviously there are places where people have trouble scrutinizing and may not have the right client. There is a huge focus on father power. I think in the last couple of years, if you have the right parent, you get double, if not triple, what You should probably do it.”

Krikorian bought the dam makeup artist from Beautified (Dynaformer) for $250,000 at the 2001 Keeneland sale in September and the sass won the 2003 GIII Senorita S. Award with his colors.

“It is always difficult to sell, but it is better to sell the dream and then buy the dream,” Krikorian said after watching the colt sale on Saturday. “That’s why we sell.”

He continued, “I probably have about 90 [mares]. We breed mostly for sale. We can’t afford to race them all.”

On Saturday’s result, Krikorian said: “We thought it would be well received. I didn’t know it was going to be so well received. I’m grateful for that. Usually in book 3, they don’t go that much. So it was a nice surprise to have him bring all that.”

Omaha Beach Colt St Elias

Vinnie’s Viola Stables St. Elias, which captured a significant portion of the market this week in Keeneland in its partnership with Mike Ripoll, as well as with various partners and its single, added a colt from Omaha Beach to its roster when dolls agent Michael Wallace, who sits with St. Elias consultant Rory Babich, a final offer of $725,000 to receive hip 1370.

“We were looking at Omaha Beach and looking at it really deeply and he was the one who got the attention of the whole team,” Wallace said. We were determined to try and get it if we could. We obviously didn’t think we’d have to pay as much as we were by WinStar, but that’s the nature of this week, apparently.”

One year old from Omaha Beach’s first crop (war front) ordered all week in Keeneland, where Repole and St. Elias purchased a Colt (Hip 336) by a first-class multiple winner for $900,000 from a shipment of Clarkland Farm and Peter Brant White Birch Ranch buying another son of a stallion)hip 123) for $775,000. In all, 38 one-year-olds were sold by the lord in Keeneland September for $9,705,000.

“They all seem to have good brains,” Wallace said of Omaha Beach. “They go around the ground, they handle things really well. They have good strength across the back. I love their look. I think they are good sporting horses and are bigger than you think with war front Line.”

Raised and deposited by the Clearsky family’s Clairsky Farms, the hip 1370 is from Color Me Flying (distorted humor), half-sister to scale winner Teresa Z (Smart Strike) and from the My Flag family and daughter, Storm Flag flying champion.

She bought Clearsky Color Me Flying for $250,000 at a 2014 Keeneland sale in November. St. Elias bought Into Mischief’s filly, Colorful Mischief, for $300,000 at the 2020 Fasig-Tipton Selected Yearlings Show. quality road The filly sold for $700,000 to Gudmonte at a Keeneland auction last September. The 10-year-old mare has audible Weaning a foal has been born again munitions this year.

On Saturday also on behalf of St. Elias, Wallace obtained a colt from Liam map (hip 1362) for $500,000; colt Mendelssohn (hip 1432) in the amount of $210,000; and son Ghostzapper (hip 1260) for $175,000.

Lynnhaven Racing keeps busy in Keeneland

Lynhaven Racing of Baton Rouge businessman Jim Bernhard and his wife Dana were working early in Saturday’s session to sell Keeneland, buying a son for audible (hip 1167) for $675,000, and the purchase lasted all day. The pair made a quick shot later in the session when they went for $700,000 to get a colt from Arrogate (hip 1436) from Woods Edge Farm and came back after the hips only to pay the same price for Street feel pistol (hip 1441) of Gainesway, as an agent for Bonne Chance Farm.

HIP 1436 knocked out by Ghostslayer (Ghostzapper) and is a half-brother of progressive winner Pedi Duke (Bayern Munich). She was bred by Peter and Jenny O’Callaghan’s Woods Edge Farm, which purchased Ghostslayer, in foal to Street feel, for $110,000 in a 2018 Keeneland November sale. Persians Street feel The filly sold for $215,000 at a 2020 Keeneland auction before the O’Briens beat it out of the park for $1.05 million. city ​​of lights The colt of the mare in September cuts last year.

“It was probably the most tested horse we had in two years,” said Peter O’Callaghan. I have two pages of scans on it. It was incredible. My wife Jenny and I raised him and he has been a wonderful pony since day one. The Persians are a beautiful, strong mare with a big hip on them and were a great combination with the Arrogate. It was a great result and we are happy.”

The Bernhards family, who bid and sat alongside Equine Analysis Systems CEO Matt Weinmann, bought Eight for $2,870,000 to be the first buyers on Saturday.

audible Colt Score for Kinsman

The Kinsman Farm of the Steinbrenner family made the most of a limited number of colt hunting possibilities when selling colt by audible (hip 1167) for $675,000 for Lynnhaven Racing from Jim and Dana Bernhard early in Saturday’s session for the Keeneland September sale. The team bought the colt for $85,000 at this year’s Keeneland auction in January.

“He did everything right for us,” said farm coach Emily Dawson after watching the sale of the year alongside Jesica Steinbrenner and farm vice president Kevin Adler. “He was a little weaker when we bought him and he really thrived on the farm. He got big and strong.”

About the colt’s call in January, Dawson said, “He had a big picnic that covered the ground. That’s why we really bought him.”

“We do very little,” Dawson said of Kinsman’s Quick Install. “We bought three short breeds this year. We’re just kind of into it.”

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