Debt Limit, Alec Baldwin, and Amnesty International

limit exists

the story

struck the United States debt ceiling.

So… what now?

we wait. In December 2021, Congress Raise the US debt ceiling To $31.4 trillion to pay the bills. Think of it like a credit card max. The federal government only has so much (in this case, $31.4 trillion) it can spend on its obligations — everything from Social security Refund of taxes on military salaries. Yesterday was the day the United States reached its limits. And if someone hadn’t swooped in, the United States would have fallen into default – a financial condition that could have cascading effect On everything from interest rates to a stronger dollar, which could lead to a recession. It could also upset global financial markets.

Who pounced?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. For months, I sounded the alarm about the debt limit deadline. But she has a plan: by pausing some of her investments in… Federal retirement plans, the Treasury is able to reduce the country’s debt – and avoid default for about five months. Retirees won’t be upset, at least for the time being. But Yellen described the balancing tactics as “extraordinary measures”. He is appealing to Congress for a solution.

How much time do we have?

Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) have until June to reach some kind of deal. But they want very different things. House Republicans want to use this as leverage to push for cuts in social programs like Social Security and Medicare. But Biden said this is not a point of negotiation — and that Congress should raise the debt limit without strings attached because they have already agreed to pay these bills.


The closest moment to the United States was like this 1979, when a technical error in bookkeeping affected a small number of investors. In 2011, the confrontation between Republicans and President Obama led to Downgrade for the first time of the United States Federal Credit Rating. Now, without a deal in the coming months, the United States is heading toward default – a moment that would be unprecedented.

And well… this

Who are people talking about…

Alec Baldwin. Yesterday, New Mexico prosecutors announced that they had charged the actor and producer with two counts of manslaughter. This is about the death of Helena Hutchins. On the set of 2021’s “Rust,” Baldwin was holding a gun that fired a live shot, killing the 42-year-old cinematographer. But the actor maintains that he didn’t pull the trigger and that he didn’t know it included live rounds. Because the film’s set was in New Mexico, state regulators fined the company Firearm safety failure. Then the Hutchins family Settlement Wrongful death suit. Meanwhile, Baldwin denied responsibility for her death. female lawyer Says Baldwin relied on the professionals he worked with to ensure that the rifle did not contain live ammunition. Now, if convicted, he could face up to 1.5 years in prison. Baldwin’s attorney called the charges a “terrible miscarriage of justice” and plans to fight the charges.

What does it say “not in our classrooms”…

fl. The state Department of Education blocked the introduction of a new AP African American studies course in high schools. During the 2022-23 school year, 60 schools across the country began testing the course at the college level as part of a pilot program. The course explores the experiences and contributions of African Americans Through literature, arts and geography. But Florida — which reportedly has at least one high school in the pilot — said the class “grossly lacks educational value” and is against state law. The officials did not explain their reasons to the College Board, which oversees AP courses. But State Senator Shevrin Jones (D) called it “an attack of black and black history.” It comes after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) tied down Race discussionsAnd Gender and sexual orientation during studying semesters.

What’s Grabbing Headlines In The Big Apple…

Free abortion pills. Earlier this week, New York City began offering the pills at no cost at a public health clinic in the Bronx — reportedly the first city in the country to do so. Three clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens will also be offering free medications by the end of the year. Once they’re all up and running, a city official estimates they’ll deliver up to 10,000 medical abortions year. While New York City already offers medical abortions at 11 public hospitals, this program aims to eliminate insurance and other economic hurdles that patients may face in a hospital setting. It is one of the Several measures The city has taken to expanding access to abortion since Roe v. Wade was overturned.

…And speaking of Roe v. Wade, remember the Supreme Court’s investigation to find out who The draft opinion was leaked? Scotts I can not find who did it.

What might be getting 37 million calls…


What takes away our smile…


What made us say “Hi, Wisconsin”…

This is a ’90s show. “

What could paint you like one of her French girls…

Amnesty International.

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