“Did a Marvel fan write that?”: After Guillermo del Toro, the Internet came to the defense of Martin Scorsese, and claimed that the injured piece seemed too intentional in eliminating the legend

Every now and then, their names are drawn from the circle of popular audiences, such as Martin Scorsese, and positioned as the target of bullying and senseless harassment that brings one back to schoolyard immaturity. Without reason and reason and fueled by false confidence, pseudo-paparazzi compete for a touch of greatness by trying to demolish those already thought to be great. critic A hit piece, penned by Sean Egan, does the same thing.

Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese accused of indulging the cinematic self and shattering talents of a film critic

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Martin Scorsese’s hit piece withers due to irrelevance

It is surprising to think that one will find the resources to write an extensive article documenting the failures and shortcomings Martin Scorsese. But the resources have been found and the piece is titled Sean Egan. While Egan called his semi-pretentious article, Martin Scorsese: Rinse and repeat the self-indulgenceAnd the critic He wrote a comment on the Twitter post saying, “Martin Scorsese has always been an unmatched talent, wrote Sean Egan, and fame and prestige have added self-indulgence.”

Martin Scorsese hit a piece
Martin Scorsese’s article critic Journalist Sean Egan

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While the article goes on to select and deconstruct each of the director’s creations, the author remains careful not to underestimate “decadent” Manager very much. As a result, Scorsese becomes, in Egan’s eyes “One of the all-time greats in history.”And the “Reasonably entertaining”And the “Spangled with true grandeur”And the “Good Meditation”and “Right Fabulous”. When the article manages to stop throwing a frivolous and generic appreciation for the director, it’s overflowing with excessive and irrelevant criticism like Scorsese’s obsessed vengeful villain and every adjective in the English language. Then Sean Egan, ironically, goes on to claim, “It’s also similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

According to the “qualified critic’s opinion” of hit piece author Martin Scorsese He does not understand his talent. Apparently, the industry forgot to send the memo to Egan when some directors decided they preferred a certain set of actors over others. This director trait seems to him to be lazy and contented “Bad discipline”. Egan, then, after meters of long and complicated assertions about Scorsese’s self-indulgence, makes the surprising claim that “Thinking and rationality overwhelm each one of them [MCU films]” And that “The vigilant nature of superheroes and costumed crime fighters is under deep questioning.”

Guillermo del Toro defends Martin Scorsese
Guillermo del Toro comes out of the woodwork to defend Martin Scorsese

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Guillermo del Toro joins the crowd at Slamming the hit a piece

Guillermo del Toro Directly and accurately recovered again when The criticA successful piece lacking comedic experience aimed at eliminating Martin Scorsese. The validity of the former has re-illustrated what makes the piece irrelevant why the greats are equipped to deal with any tantrum the world imposes on them.

The only thing now left for del Toro to complete his monologue is a vocal drop into the microphone. On the other hand, the crowd, frightened and angry at the essay’s vulgar attempts, find their own words to bring out the withered piece that offers nothing to contribute and everything to insult.

Even as the essay rises up like a brooding underdog waiting to take a bite out of the subject of his oppressor, the only invasive force working to offend one’s sentimentality is that of unrequested or unwarranted opinions. critic author. Even without his glorified critique of what Martin Scorsese has achieved or not accomplished, the article, by its relentless ending, reads as a childish effort by a Marvel fan trying to make things right by grumbling about Scorsese. “Unequal” talent, whatever it is.

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