DIMEBAG and VINNIE PAUL ‘Would have blessed’ PANTERA Reunion, says bandmate Philippe Anselmo.

EYEHATEGOD‘s Jimmy Power And the Mike IX Williams have influenced the news that Panterasurviving members Philip Anselmo (singing) and Rex Brown (The bass) will team up with the guitarist Zack Wilde (OZZY OSBOURNEAnd the black patch community) and drummer Charlie Bennant (anthrax) to tour the world under Pantera Signboard.

Anselmo And the brouwnalong with wild And the BenanteIt will headline a number of major festivals across North America and Europe and host some of their major concerts.

according to paintingThe band’s lineup was given the go-ahead by the property of the band’s founders, the drummer Vincent “Vinnie Paul” Abbott and guitarist “Dimebag” Daryl AbbottBeside brouwnWho said last year wild won’t walk around with Pantera If the reunion is to occur. It is unclear what changed his mind.

trellis And the Williams They discussed their views on Pantera Back in an interview last month Bloodstock outdoor festival. Talking to Hayley Legs From TotalRockAnd the Jimmywho plays the drums Anselmo‘s lowest Project Said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I think it’s cool. I think it’s beautiful. I think there are a lot of fans who have never had a chance to watch it, and I think it’s a great way to honor the band. A hundred percent blessing from me, man.”

added Williams: “ElephantHe’s a friend, so yeah, I’m glad to see that happen… It’s cool. I think this is great. Everyone says it would be a little weird without Abbott Brothers, but that’s what it is.”

trellis He agreed, “Of course you will [be strange without the Abbott brothers]. [But] I think that Abbott The brothers blessed him one hundred percent.”

Pantera It will play its first shows in more than 20 years in December 2022, starting with a co-title slot in Mexico Hell and Metal Sky Festivalfollowed by appearances in the third Knotfest Festivals in South America.

Pantera will perform in Hell and Metal Sky Festival On Friday, December 2nd at Foro Pegaso in Toluca. Knotfest Colombia It is scheduled for Friday 9 December at the Campin Circuit in Bogotá. Knotfest Chile It is scheduled to take place on Sunday 11 December at the Estadio Monumental in Santiago. Knotfest Brazil It will follow on Sunday, December 18 at Sambódromo do Anhembi in São Paulo.

while he was alive Vinnie Paul He repeatedly refused A .’s conversations Pantera Reunion, we say to Germany Electromagnetic rock invasion In 2014: “People are selfish, man. They want what they want; they don’t care what you want. It’s a shame people go, ‘Oh, cool, man, they can get Zack Wilde To jump there on stage a Pantera repeatedly.’ No, it’s not, you know. It’s not that simple. if Eddie Van Halen You were going to be shot in the head four times the next week, would everyone go, ‘Hey, man, zakgo play Van Halen. just call him Van Halen“. Do you see what I’m saying? I mean, it’s really selfish for people to think that, and that’s stupid. It’s not true at all.”

He continued, “They call it a reunion for a reason. It’s called bringing the original members back to what it was. So there’s a lot of this stuff they call a reunion that doesn’t really represent a reunion. They’ve got one guy from the band going around, you know. That’s Not a real reunion PanteraThat would never be possible.”

He repeated those same feelings a few months later, saying PlanetMosh In a separate interview: “Without Dimebag Darylthere he is number [PANTERA] Reunion. And that’s all there is to it. We’ve been a very influential band, and we’ve influenced millions and millions of people with this band, but it’s over. People really have to deal with that, and that’s all there is to it. If we were all still here, the possibility would really be there, but since it’s not, you know… it’s selfish for fans to want something they can’t have. And they never get it, and I do. There are things I want in this world, too. You know, people in hell want ice water, but they won’t get it. So… Anyway, I’m glad that the people who decided to follow me Oh yes Do, and hopefully more of them will. And those who want to live in the past will live in the past.”

Until his death in June 2018, Vinny He remained on non-speaking terms with Anselmowho was indirectly blamed by the drummer dime bagdeath.

Vinnie Paul And the dime bag Co-founded Pantera. When Pantera They separated in 2003, and formed damajiplan. On December 8, 2004, while performing with damajiplan At Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, dime bag He was shot and killed on stage by a schizophrenic believed to be members of Pantera They were stealing his ideas.

dime baglong time girlfriend Rita Hani In 2011 he called Vinny And the Philip to settle their differences in honor of dime bag.

VinnyWhich is dime bagbrother and Anselmo I haven’t spoken since then Pantera They split in 2003. But the relationship became more intense when Vinny Suggest some notes made by the vocalist dime bag In print just weeks ago you may incite dime bagkiller.

Hany Producers “Behind The Music Remastered: Pantera” They forgave the singer after they unexpectedly found themselves face to face at a concert in California.

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